13 November 2010

Melvin takes the plunge

My almost-Mallu-Indo-Zambian-Canadian buddy Melvin Durai just published his book. It's called Bala takes the plunge. I was pleasantly surprised to find an autographed copy in the snail-mail (Zikomo) and got fired up enough to restart blogging by writing a review.

If you like Melvin's article writing style then buy the book. He's kept it true to form with the witty puns and the humorous description of everyday events. It has a short article/blog feel about it and is a light and refreshing read. Of course, the serious issues of migration and loneliness, independence and coming-of-age, and finding a place to call home are just below the surface and come up for air occasionally.

Well I've kept it short, but here's shorter. I love the book. Hope Melvin's working on his second one.

1 comment:

shilpa said...

I can't believe I haven't gotten around to reading that book yet...This work and research I tell you..such a bad habit..
PS..whatever happened to your book mr?