01 January 2010

If noughties' movies were made in other decades

I came across this post that talks about what movies would look like if they were made in other decades... so, taking a leaf out of the Mumbai film industry, I was inspired to indigenise it and probably make it worse... (if you have javascript enabled, just move your mouse pointer on the image to see the alternative) so, here goes:


The main differences are that only actresses showed skin in the 1990s, now the actors have started doing it as well. Bullet wounds have replaced roses, and there's no need for rich people to be the villains as everyone is equally rich.


This one was pretty obvious... again, the naked guy is the most important actor in the new version, and the villainess from the old version had a sex change operation to become the villain in the new one. I liked Om Shanti Om because it didn't take itself too seriously, and made fun of the hindi film industry.


Aaah... good friendship between males, the theme has remained constant, just that these days they have to throw in a few gay allusions to the whole thing to earn plaudits for being politically correct from the left, or lots and lots of profitable controversy from the right.


The comedies have continued to have a cast of zany characters. A lot of the comedy of Padosan came from making fun of regional hindi accents, mainly hindi accents that 'Madrasis' have. Chup chup ke made fun of Gujaratis mainly, but it was a remake of a 'Madrasi' film, Punjabi House, that made fun of Punjabi families in Kerala. Good to see that the times, they are a-changing. It's good that people living in one part of the country will understand comedy based on other parts of the country.

Oddly in the double-oos a lot of the successful hindi comedies were remakes of malayalam films from the 80s. I was always unhappy that 'Naadodikaatu' and 'Vandanam' weren't re-made, those were hilarious movies if other people are interested in the genre.


Both these movies were sent to the Oscars. Mother India was a sort of a "this is life, it sucks" type of film... people in grinding poverty having their arms crushed and such... Lagaan had a pretty happy ending and the worst thing that happens to somebody in the film is that they get rejected by Aamir Khan. Mother India avoided blaming the English for the problems, lagaan solidly blamed the English and extracted revenge too... a sign of newly found confidence?


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