05 September 2008


I miss the good old blogging days... when my 'blog crowd' was active. We had fun. I started blogging in October 2005... mainly because I wanted to practice my dusty and disused hindi and malayalam. Predictably, it was about my doggies Ginga and BooBoo. It was pretty amazing to have them around and I had to share the experience. Rohini of Mama says so found the blog quickly (I still don't know how she did it) and became my first blog buddy. She's a great writer and here's her first post that I commented on :)

Lova started up his own blog pretty soon after that. I always thought he did it because of inspiration from yours truly... but as it turned out it was due to other reasons entirely... ah well can't win everything. So here's his first post that I commented on. For all things Madagascar, his blog is the place to be. He's still going strong and has a great following on Global Voices Online as well. He was briefly podcasting for the BBC... although not sure what happened to that.

Meanwhile, over on the dog blog, the other Ginga/BooBoo lovers were frustrated with my writing and there were accusations that I was being partial to Ginga. It wasn't true. Ginga just photographs much better than the skinny one. I can take 5 photos of fatass and 4 of them will turn out good... BooBoo on the other hand... 1 in 20 maybe would work out. Anyway so the criticism washed off my back and I challenged them to do a better job... so Lova (January 2006)and Imei (May 2006) started contributing (and did a much better job than me... some of the time :D). As part of the complaints, I started my non-doggie blog. Apparently doggie-lovers didn't appreciate cricket and photographs on the dog blog :(.

Well, as the dog blog progressed, The visitor, Video and Amrita started following it. Visitor and Video have stopped blogging :(. Amri has effectively stopped blogging but at least she is to be found on flickr... and is thinking about getting an SLR, yay ! Fei and Eve, Shilpa, and Karen were all regular visitors. These three are still pretty active bloggers, although due to my slow (and sometimes non-existent) internet I haven't been able to keep up with them. Sorry, sorry... the Lusaka cable internet connection was expected in December, meaning by next year it will probably be ready. TIA, TIA, as we say - this is Africa :)

In March 2007, Daisuke joined the Dog blog writers crowd. He's Ginga's ex-daddy - he and Ginga's ex-mommy put G in my care before leaving the continent. It was great to find out from him how G-man was as a puppy... and there are some priceless photos of the little one.

In the meantime, the non-dog blog was gaining good ground, had some posts that got famous for science humour... and got on desipundit... It was great interacting with so many people because of the blog. I met Freespirit, Twisted DNA, Anali, TGFI, Crizzie Criz, Hulles, Inquisitive Akka, Melvin, Sheetal, Rajesh, Siddhu, Isha, and Sreekumar, and loved their comments and posts. Some have become friends in the offline realm as well. There were also dedicated commentors like Mansoora, Mayuri and Jose... and who can forget the legions of 'anonymouses' who dropped by. (I do have to say that I badgered the aforementioned M&M&J personally so that they would comment).

Then I started writing less as the thesis stress got to me.. the words would come but they would not flow. About the same time I managed to fulfill a lifelong dream and get a 'that's not a camera, this is a camera' camera (canon EOS 20D - thanks a lot to Ali and Mansoora - she deleted her blog unfortunately - for help and advice and suggestions on this). The writer's block on the blog continued but I think the photography improved since then.

So now as I look around the blog world, myself and many of my contacts have stopped blogging regularly... for various reasons. There's a new generation of writers who seem to kick arse... there's Pri, KrishAshok, Tamizh Pennu, Angry African etc. They're way better than I ever was... but one lives and learns so who knows... maybe the writing will come back (yeah, right!).

So here's to us oldies... and the newies... may the blogging tribe prosper... and may some of the people who started blogging with me publish prize winning books in the future. I'm already published, unfortunately about only about 2 people in the world will have any interest in reading that thesis.


Angry African said...

So I kick ass hey? That's it. McCain and Pale-One are gonna get it now baby.

Thanks for the compliment though. Really appreciate it. Still missing having a Mosi though.

Actually, you are in Lusaka right? I should introduce you to some of my friends there. (As if you need more) Patricia Jere at OneWorld Africa and Martin Kalunga-Banda. Had a few friends at the British Council, but I think they have moved on. But you can find them at the Green Frog I am sure!

manuscrypts said...

ah, everyone's on a nostalgia trip..just mused briefly on similar lines :)

lova said...

yeah, where's the cricket news Mosi? You were my one reliable source for that sport I cannot comprehend.
OT: What is this "arse" thing I keep reading about ? :)
Is it short for Arsenal ?

Sorry long day, just wondering out loud (from an non english-speaker perspective).

Pri said...

reaches for baton. speeds away towards finish line in non-lycra shorts while managing to remain sweat free.

mosilager said...

angry african yup you're a good blogger... I thought the McCain/Palin campaign was done. I can't imagine 4 more years of people following the Gee Dubya / Cheney philosophy.

I haven't been to the Green Frog yet but if I run into any of your buddies I'll mention you. If you have their contacts I can say hi to them.

manu nice post there. Most of my old crowd just seems to have given up blogging.

lova sorry nothing much going on right now. the awards should have been last night but not very entertaining. If I manage to get to South for a match then I'll definitely blog about that. It'll be entertaining with the long white lens.

As for the arse thing... let me leave you with some lines from Coupling:

1. When God made the arse, he didn't say, 'Hey, it's just your basic hinge, let's knock off early.' He said, 'Behold ye angels, I have created the arse. Throughout the ages to come, men and women shall grab hold of these, and shout my name!

2. It's an arse nightmare. An arsemare.

3. There I am, innocently trying to free my head from a photocopier and my arse is wiggling about like an arse-maniac, like an arse of insanity in the mind of a madman.

(Quotes from IMDb)

Kapisch ?

Pri You can run... and if you get an olympic gold you get an honourary Ph.D.

Mayuri said...

I just saw this!!! Awesome Ranjit. After a loooong time.
Post more often.

Mosilager said...

Thanks Em... will try. Writer's bloc you see...

freespirit said...

Mosi! I'm glad i finally read this post. have to admit....glad we became offline friends courtesy of the blog.

More power to the Mosi Kraals!

Anonymous said...

Hey mosi,
Just read this post after a year or so. Sometimes I think about re-starting a blog, but it was getting waaay too addictive. Good to know you're keeping up the good work though.