22 August 2008


I've been fairly delinquent on the blog. It's a combination of being busy, slow internet and writer's block. When I try to write it doesn't flow well and I hate posting complete trash. So I've been taking photos and posting them on flickr. Unfortunately flickr only keeps track of the last 200 photos that have been uploaded. In order to preserve the links to older photos than that, I've started a blog called Lensaholic. Do pay a visit. If anyone knows how to port flickr comments to blogger, please let me know.

Here's a little gallery of some of my most popular photos (as judged by flickr users).

mosilager - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver


lova said...

if anyone ought to get a flickr pro account, it's you. C'mon, a few less mosilagers for a month...:)

mosilager said...

Naaah... not worth it. Can buy a new lens with the money I save from that. The main problem is that flickr is not a good medium to display photos. They have control over the layout and colours and whatnot.

With the blog I can post the photos that I like a lot... and those that are popular instead of everything that goes up there.