27 August 2008

All I needed to know I learnt from the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy...

10. Humans are not as important as we think we are.
The universe is staggeringly, mindblowingly huge. From the universe's perspective, we are a microscopic dot on a microscopic dot. Earth, and all of humanity could be destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass and nobody on any other planet would ever notice.

9. There's no point in living forever.
What would you do? All your friends would be dead or you would have fought with them. You would be so bored that all you could do was insult every single living thing in the universe, alphabetically by name. And watch that point in Love, actually where Keira Knightley first shows up as a bride for the 18 billionth time.

8. Being a God may not be much fun (unless other people find out).
Look at the rain God... it was always raining wherever he was. Then he got paid a lot to stay away from places. He's still lonely.

7. Digital watches are still a pretty neat idea.
The little things.... the wheel, the mirror... man those things are just works of genius.

6. It's sometimes a good thing to have a few drinks.
You never know when you're about to find out that the world is about to end and your best friend is an alien from somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse.

5. Some things are pure evil, even if they write poetry.
The Vogons, for instance, wrote horrible poetry... not because deep down inside they're sentimental, but just because they liked to torture others with it. E V I L Full Stop.

4. Animals are probably more intelligent than humans.
Think about it... why would an intelligent being want to have all the problems of ruling the world? It's much better to influence those who rule by changing their perceptions of reality and making them do what you want. So that you can have time to hang around in the pool and get free food. Wait... grad students might actually be more intelligent than the general population.

3. The messiah ain't a-comin'.
And if she is, she's gonna reach right before the world ends. So be happy right now, the switch for happiness is in your brain, not in the PS3 or XBOX360 (those do help for a little while though).

2. The answer to the secret of life, the universe, and everything is 42.
The problem is, nobody knows the question. If they did, then the whole universe would fall apart and be replaced by something even more mind-boggling.

1. No robot can make good tea the way mamma (or the guy in the train - for those who've been on Indian railways) made it.
You can have the smartest computer in the world... but that thing cannot make tea properly, even if you sit all night explaining all about picking the best leaves out of Assam.

(I just realised that people might have no clue what I'm talking about. I just realised there might be people who've never read Douglas Adams' The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy series. D-oh. Please to read it, thaank you very much.) It's a great book, and this post probably only makes sense to H2G2 fans.


Rajesh said...

You are absolutely correct on #2 above. Even google seems to think so ;)

Google >> "answer to life the universe and everything"

Rohini said...

Brilliant post! I never thought about the parallels as deeply as you have explore them. Welcome back to blogging... don't disappear again.

Mosilager said...

rajesh thanks :)

rohini awww thanks. past few months have been very eventful so could not find the time to blog. Hopefully now things will settle down and I'll get over my writer's block.

shilpa said...

An addition to # 9..
The only people to keep you company would be the bad politicians ..the ones whom nothing can kill...nothing!!
PS...who would want to have lunch with a 108-year old Laloo Prasad ?

Mosilager said...

Amazing how the people you least want around are the ones who hang out the longest