11 April 2008

World citizen

Labmate: I remember when the taxis were on strike in this country because a taxi driver got killed... can't remember which country it was... it was a while ago.

Dr Mosi: hmmm

Labmate: I should remember... I think it was Estonia... all the taxis shutdown because of the murder... yes that's right, Estonia.

Dr. Mosi: I guess Estonia's a small country... maybe that's why you don't remember.

Labmate: I'm from Estonia

Dr. Mosi: Hahahahahaha (uncontrollable laughter)


Amrita said...

Teeheeheee.... :)

abhishek said...

Hehehe...sometimes, it feels that people are just too proud and fierce in this world. Thanks for lightening the load.

Mosilager said...

thanks both of you... i just got back after a long layover... writer's block so trying to put down something small just to keep posting.

Anali said...

Wah????? LOL!

Welcome back to blogland Dr.! : )

Anonymous said...

God grants writer's block for a reason. Just keep quite and leave the sh.t of the last two posts in your head.

Mosilager said...

anali - thank you... hope it continues

anon- nobody's forcing you to hang out here. But if you have a criticism of the ideas expressed or the way they are expressed feel free to tell me. 'shit' doesn't help me to improve and your comment is 'flame bait.' Any other 'flame bait' will be deleted without notification.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead deleting any non-cheery comments, if you so wish :)
I would do that with many of the posts people feel the need to put out in the world. I think a bit of self criticism and constraint can't hurt, but I can't help you to improve there. I remember times of interesting, well-written posts on your sites. You should figure out yourself what is inhibiting you. Till then, seriously, rather keep quite, instead releasing rubbish.

Mosilager said...

Anon, sorry to have disappointed you with the posts. I thought these were interesting that's why I put them up. What I think is interesting will change over time. I just objected to your use of the word "shit" because that doesn't tell me anything about why you disliked the posts. There must be some kind of reason for it. Thanks for commenting, I do appreciate all comments, especially if they are constructive in nature.