10 August 2007

The second day from hell

Well I've had an exceptional run of good luck for a few weeks without anything bad happening but today seems to be the day from hell. Thus far it's been going well, the camera is awesome, the new lens is super-awesome, job search is going well, India is in a good position to thump England 2-0 in the test series.

So of course today had to happen to remind me that it doesn't pay to be too happy. I woke up pretty early in the morning because I heard the cat scratching around somewhere. Turns out she was scratching my computer keyboard, which is now missing 3 keys. Missing, as in I have no idea where they are. There's about a 1m radius where the keys should be, but they are not there. Turning on the red light and subjecting the cat to interrogation yielded no results other than a couple of scratches. She pretended to know nothing.

Well, following the interrogation the cat decided to perform her morning rituals. Now I don't have the world's greatest nose, but the stench from the litterbox almost brought tears to my eyes and banished any semblance of sleep. So in the interests of my continued existance on the planet I cleaned out the litterbox.

During this litterbox cleaning, when I was bent over the offending offal, my back suddenly protested. I think I heard a shriek coming from it. So I dropped to the bed and lay down, crawled my way to the computer with the missing keys, and googled "back pain can't stand". Dr. Google informed me that the most likely explanation for my condition is a lumbar sprain or strain, aka whenever i try to do anything my back hurts... a lot. The treatment? Well... rest. And 2 painkillers.

So this is about the worst time for me to rest in bed for a few days. And this is because the usual support staff are not present. They are either camping or gallavanting off to New York for a lot of fun. In New Yorker's defense, he came back from his way to the airport to get me painkillers and walk the dogs and feed the cat. And yet I am complaining, that is the human condition. Originally this was supposed to be a wonderful weekend, with me in charge of the animals and showing them lots of discipline and getting all their bad habits sorted out. (That's the official word from me to the others - the reality is that I was going to spoil them rotten so that BooBoo and the cat's affections switch to me.... drat, foiled, like my other plans of being a millionaire by the time I'm 30.) For people who worry about titles of blog posts that do not make sense, here's a link to the post about the first day from hell. Hey, the cat finally noticed that something is wrong and she came over, lay down next to me, touching my arm and is licking it while purring. Awww, sweet cat. If only she didn't like to destroy keyboards and doggies so much!

Now I'm going to continue to lay down, get to work on the manuscripts, and see when I can get to lab in one piece. In the meantime, have a look at some insects I got yesterday while walking the doggies:



Butterfly heaven



Amrita said...

Ouch!! That must be paaaainful...sorry to hear...here's a (hug). Hope you're up and about soon Mosi. I was wondering why you were online so early today...this post explains it. Try Bengay or Iodex for relief...and also those stick-on heat patches.

I've already commented on your pictures on Flickr...so i'll refrain :P

Pri said...

hell daakter do little,
i have no advice on your back situation, just some observations.
this boy at work pulled a back muscle recently and for the last few days he has been
1. stretching under his desk for extended periods of time [kind of like a cat actually]
and 2. cursing a lot.
try both. might help and yayyyyy we're totally going to win this series.

bhasg said...

Of all the (mis)happenings, you got some very beautiful clicks here.....nothing much for your back pain except for the wishes....ask someone to massage it a little, probably that might help....

lova said...

Day in hell indeed.
Now the secret about spoiling the doggies is revelaed :)

Anali said...

I love the pictures! My mom said that she's been noticing a lot of butterflies in her garden lately too.

I'm sorry to hear about your back. Hopefully you'll feel better soon. My back hasn't been the same since I fell on the ice this past winter. I just started physical therapy this week and I think it's helping. Take care. ; )

Mosilager said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words. After spending most of friday morning on the bed, friday afternoon i was able to sit up finally. Managed to take one of the dogs for a short walk and my friends turned up to take care of the other one.

Saturday was much better, could get up and sit / lay down and the pain was less (aka not debilitating). Again, thanks to all the friends who showed up with lots of love and food :) I still have to be careful today but I might be able to take the dogs for a longer walk and maybe, just maybe, take some photos of cricket.

AuthorMomWith Dogs said...

Sounds to me like an opportunity to relieve yourself of any further litter box duties!

Glad you're recovering.

Splendid photos!

Neha said...

ouch! but hey you lived/live in lusaka? i did too! a long long long time ago :)

Neha said...

oh, and i dont think 2-0 is on the cards any more :((

Mosilager said...

Hi Neha, yes... 1987-date - just came out of Zed to study - actually I might be going back to Lusaka to work very soon!

Mosilager said...

Hi Karen,

unfortunately my roommates are enjoying themselves on vacation hundreds of miles away so no luck with the litterbox.

Thanks! Just trying to learn photography.

Melvin said...

Dr. Mosi wrote: "Turning on the red light and subjecting the cat to interrogation yielded no results other than a couple of scratches. She pretended to know nothing."

Ha ha. My kids are always attacking my laptop. I lost half a dozen keys on my previous computer.(It's easier to put the keys back on the current one.)

Hope your back is feeling much better.

Mosilager said...

Back is better, and I'm back in lab so that makes me happy. There's still pain, but I can do most things again, albeit slowly. Thanks Melvin..

Krish Ashok said...

awesome photos

sipakv said...

I followed Lova's link and ended up here.
Very nice bokeh !

Mosilager said...

thanks krishashok and spikav, spikav, it's a canon 70-200 f/4 at 200mm and I have added you as a contact on flickr... you have amazing pics!