23 August 2007

Birthday II

By a happy quirk of fate, my birthdays this year are on consecutive days, 23rd and 24th. So I have a 48 hour long birthday. Of course some people get jealous when they find out that I have 2 birthdays a year and refuse to acknowledge one of them - to those people I say, "Tchaaah." Well, actually I say, "Some years I have 3 birthdays, like last year." Unfortunately, my efforts at making them feel happy about this usually fail. They should actually feel lucky, I don't absolutely insist on 2 birthday presents a year. They can be happy about once every 17 years as I only have 1 birthday then. So my jealous friends, be patient, your time will come.

So anyway there's a tradition on this blog (started by Lova aka the Malagasy dwarf hippo and GingaBoo) that visitors should wish me happy birthday in the language of their choice as a comment on this post. So please, feel free to click here and add some more colourful language to the mix. So far we have English, Doggish, French, Creole from La Reunion, Malagasy, Filipino, Malay, Tamil, Malayalam, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Marathi, Mallu-Warrier, !hosa.

There's another tradition on the blog for my birthday, which is that I should allow everyone to laugh their heads off at me. Last year I posted a suitable picture for the purpose, and, well, will do the same thing this year too. The first photo is from about 1996, after I got a haircut:


This second picture is from 1998 after a further reduction:


Go ahead, laugh away. But remember, I still have the hair for juju (black magic) purposes so don't laugh too hard.

Update - here's the cake my lovely friends made for me... somehow I think that they have the upper hand even though it was my birthday:

Birthday candles


lova said...

Felichan Naskightagon, Roomie ! (esperanto)
and thanks for the pictures :) ! That just made my day. hehehehe

Amrita said...

ROTFL!!!! The picture of you in the long hair....OMG...you'd have made Robert Plant very proud... :o)

Happy nakshatra birthday...for today...
Here's your present...

"I love the medium of photography, for with its unique realism it gives me the power to go beyond conventional ways of seeing and understanding and say, 'This is real, too.'" -- Wynn Bullock

Will think of something for tomorrow :)

couple of years ago - i had 3 buddays too....such fun!!

Enjoy your day Dr. M

Sreekumar said...

Happy Pirannaal!

Just using manglish to wish you.

Great pics too...a good way to remind urself of who you were and who you have become.

Rambodoc said...

I wish I had the hair to cut and display!
Accio cake
(cake rises up, ready to be cut....)

Rajesh said...

kewl maan. Looking back at these snaps years later makes you really laugh ;-).

പിറന്നാള് ആശംസകള് സാറെ ;)

Anali said...

Wow! You look like a totally different person! People must have not recognized you at first.

And sorry that this is just in English, but Happy Birthday! It's all I can manage at the moment. ; )

Amrita said...

Oh...Happy Birthday doc...for today!

A Zulu wish: "Ilanga elimndandi kuwe!"

lova said...

That shirt on the 2nd photo, Is that the international school of Lusaka ?

bhags said...

MHROTD for both the days.

I m disappointed, the pics are cute and not at all funny....come on..

Mosilager said...

Thanks everyone, had a great 2 birthdays, went camping for the remaining day with doggies and humans. Fun all round.

lova - no, it's the international students association at louisiana tech university shirt

bhags - will try harder in 365 days, thanks

my life.... said...

2 birthdays??? how come you have 2 birthdays? anyway happy birthday to u :)

Mosilager said...

anali - I'll call it english in a boston accent... that might pass the language police :)

my life... - In addition to the Gregorian calendar, my family also follows this calendar. Hence the 2 and sometimes 3 birthdays.

Siddhu said...

Your long hair is super-cool!

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag

Poranaal Aashamsakal

Janamdin shubhkaamnaayaen

Mosilager said...

Thanks Sid... it was a happy juxtaposition of my hatred of haircuts and my parents' reluctance to give up their jobs and move 1000s of km away with me to uni'.