10 July 2007

Political correctness gone awry

I do good things every once in a while, and it was the turn of HIV in Africa the other day when I donated blood to this cause (If anyone is interested, contact Lova). Anyway I engaged the lady taking the blood (LTB) in conversation:

LTB: donating blood, hey?
Mosi: yeah, Lova's begging email asking for volunteers finally got me in here. i live with him
(at this point everything was fine... but given that i was a bit nervous about having a big needle stuck in me, I continued on)..

... though not in the biblical sense...
...not that there's anything wrong with that...

score mosi 0; political correctness 1


Rohini said...

Was she pretty? That would explain it.

lova said...

so that would explain the sporadic inquisitive looks and whether I have accepted Jesus in my life :D.
I have not....not that there is anything wrong with that :D

PS: The football crew is meeting at Jakes at 6:30 for beers....:D

Mosilager said...

rohini since her daughter was sitting across from us, that was definitely not a factor ;)

lova a-ha, so that's what's going on in your lab. better avoid it for a while. that was fun just missing the football crew, maybe they'll turn up for the brew pub tomorrow.

Rohini said...

So are you saying mommies can't be attractive?

Answer at your own peril :)

Mosilager said...

actually mommies are very attractive, unfortunately they tend to be accompanied by angry daddies whose fists at close proximity are very unattractive and bad for one's health ;)