20 June 2007

Indian Idol

Season 3 of Indian Idol is running - I happened to catch the wild card round - and before you ask - "if I tell you how I'll have to kill you." OK the videos are online at the official site here.

11 people had already gone through to the finals. 18 people had been voted off. Out of the 18 who had been voted off, the judges picked 6 of the best and brought them back to compete against each other. The audience would get to pick 2 out of these to join the 11 in the finals. The first thing I noticed...

...was that these two are actually not gay. It's absolutely fine for heterosexual men in most parts of India to hold hands, hug, put a hand of the thigh of the other and nobody will think twice about it. Same applies to girls. As long as it's platonic everyone is OK with it. The only problem is that they assume that all male-female contact is non-platonic. That's a fairly silly restriction I think, but then again I keep complaining about people mistaking Victorian England traditions for ancient Indian traditions.

The judges are Javed Akhtar, a famous lyricist / writer, Alisha Chinai, who's probably the Paula Abdul equivalent, and Udit Narayan, a famous film singer. Javed Akhtar is the most Simon-like but he's not as direct as Simon, he'll still use the formal version of the language while talking to the contestants. Udit Narayan seems to want to vote no one off and loves everyone.

The standard of singing was really high. Singing looks like it can be outsourced too, compared to what I've seen on American Idol. And these were the people who didn't make it, they're as good as the top 5 of the American Idol thing. This guy was my favourite as a rock singer, his name is Amit Paul:

Suhit can hold a tune, but his voice sucks compared to the left and he doesn't seem talented. However he's getting by on good looks. I think he's the Malaker of the competition. Alisha is completely bowled over by him and it didn't seem all platonic either.

So after his singing Udit Narayan and Alisha Chinai praised him to the heavens and Javed Akhtar tried to avoid the issue by saying that he respected the opinions of the other judges. He tore Suhit a new one when pressed on the issue (all the time using the extremely polite version of the language):

Alisha: he has a lot of magic, a lot of colour
Javed A: i think that despite all your style and magic ultimately there should be no deficiency in your singing.
As long as your singing is bad, everything else is fringe benefits.
it's like a car, it might have good seats, a dvd player, even a television but if it doesn't run then it is not a car, it is something else.

Now I'm waiting to know who continued into the finals.

One of the guys who's already in the finals is an Indian guy of Chinese origin called Meiyang Chang. He has a blog and sings pretty well. I must say it's nice to hear somebody who looks Chinese speaking /singing in perfect hindi.

Sony's being extremely sucky on the show by pimping sony ericsson phones. There's a cardboard phone right by the judges and the host keeps exhorting people to sms using their sony ericsson phone and the camera focuses in on the phone in her hand. It makes me want to never get a sony ericsson phone.


lova said...

yay, Indian idol ! How would pascal of bollywood fare in this ?
Hey, no pics of the ladies at the competition ?

Mosilager said...

they should have pascal as a judge - would probably be better than udit n. there were only 2 ladies in the wild card round - one of them kicked ass and looked good but still didn't get through to the next round.

Rajesh said...

and before you ask - "if I tell you how I'll have to kill you."
- hmmm I smell something fishy here.

Singing talent in India has always been top notch. There's no shortage of talent and am sure the competition would be tougher than the one out here.

Sony Ericsson phones are better in Europe/India - their version out here sucks big time but then hey its aired on Sony - what else do you expect :P

Mosilager said...

Well I don't particularly care for Sony - I think they are anti-consumer. I hate companies who tell you how to use the things that they sell to you. The SE phones are pretty good - I just import the UK ones :)