27 May 2007

Neo wears Denim

I have mixed Neo, Denim and K2 templates for the new Blogger to come up with some kind of Frankenstein template that I call Neo wears Denim. For those who haven't heard about Neo, it is a template designed by Ramani of Hackosphere to speed up blogsites. Normally when you click on a post / archive page / what have you on a blog, the entire blog reloads. Ramani changed this so that when you click on a post title only the post reloads, thus speeding up the blog considerably.

He designed a great looking template, and I have taken the liberty of redoing my favourite template to incorporate the speed advantages of Neo.
Here is a screenshot:

Here's how to get my version of the template:
1. There are 2 versions of the template, one with the sidebar on the left, the second with the sidebar on the right (Click on each for working demo).
2. The "Neo wears denim" template with left sidebar is available here for download.
3. The "Neo wears denim" template with right sidebar is available here for download.
3. Before changing your blog template, please read the instructions posted by Ramani otherwise you may lose all your customised stuff like widgets and so on.
4. Please remember to backup your original template just in case things go wrong. Happy skinning. Let me know if something doesn't work right and I can try to fix it.

09 May 2007

error 404

This happened on the Schiphol airport website:

If only it had also said, "additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request," that would have brought back some more memories of the early netscape navigator.

05 May 2007

Lova's birthday (and he's on BBC)

So I'm sure everyone remembers my good buddy Mr. Lova Lova. In addition to blogging on the dog blog, his own blog as well as global voices, now he's on the BBC. Awesome! Congratulations to Doctor Lova Lova. P.S. it's his birthday on the 4th so go on over and congratulate him. He's a very very OLD MAN.

04 May 2007

How to propose to a scientist

The other day I had occasion to think about how one would go about proposing to a scientist. This is what I came up with.

Dear PZV [use initials]

I have completed part of my life cycle but feel empty due to the lack of a genome. I have interacted with many others, but my affinity towards them was low. When I interacted with you I recognised you specifically as being perfect for me. Please come through the portal and take up your residence inside my capsid. I promise to keep you safe from threats such as antibodies and complement. I can offer you the world, we can interact with multiple hosts in Asia, Africa, Europe, or anywhere there are any living things. If you love extreme sports, we can hang out in hot sulphur vents, under the Antarctic ice sheets, or deep in the ocean. If you love risk and are selfless, we can always be in lab, sacrificing our lives for the good of humanity. I don't mind where it is, as being with you completes my life cycle. Let us get together and assemble progeny.

Yours always


There are no guarantees for this working, so don't blame me if your would-be fiancee throws the ring back and runs away for dear life. Of course the sure fire way to get a scientist would be to promise funding their pet projects with grants for the rest of their lives :) Then I guarantee she will never leave.