24 April 2007

Extremist gobbledegook

Everyone has opinions. Some people want others to join them in having similar opinions. To get people's attention these days some graphic imagery and headlines that force people to read more are in use these days. This causes those holding rival opinions to present their case as well as they can. So from watching these battles, I have learnt the following things.

1. People who are for abortion are baby killers who will go to hell.
2. People who are against abortion think that women should be pregnant, barefoot, in the kitchen and seen but not heard.

3. Anybody who voted for Bush and Republicans in general is uneducated, married to close cousins and hate non-white people. Or they are filthy rich and want to keep everyone else poor.
4. Anybody who voted for the Democrats wants the US to be unsafe, wants the 'terrorists' to take over Iraq and Afghanistan, and in general is a traitor of the highest magnitude.

5. Religious belief only leads to terrorism and other people getting hurt/killed/having their ability to think independently taken away. Some religious people who spend their lives not interacting with anyone may do some good but that's about the end of it.
6. Religion is the best thing on the planet. It is the truth and nobody who follows it is involved in any sort of bad activities. If everyone believed in the same religion, everyone would be in a state of bliss on earth and post-life enter heaven. Atheism is the worst thing on the planet and atheists will have a bad life and afterlife.

7. Anyone who commits acts of violence has played too many violent video games. That is the sole reason for their actions.
8. It's OK for kids to watch people beating each other up and killing other people but not to see a female breast on TV (about half the world has breasts that would be banned on TV - what's the big deal?)

9. USA is the most important country on the Earth. They have a right to most of the world's resources. Anything they do to keep this status quo is good. Anything any other country does to give their own people a greater share of world resources is being anti-USA. Anything bad that happens in any country is due to the involvement of the CIA / American agents.
10. USA being the richest country has a responsibility to bring security, freedom and democracy to everybody else. They spend a lot of money on other countries and the UN / WHO to make sure of this. Everybody should love them as much as they love themselves.

Ah well I think I'll just stop believing in everything. Sab maya hai. "Everything is illusion."


Siddhu said...

Where on earth did you come up with 9 such maxims? Dude, get in touch with Dave barry! :D

Mosilager said...

Thanks Sid - was just thinking about what advertising is supposed to do for a product and how groups are using the things learned from advertising products to political / social issues. The truth often takes a backseat to hyperbole and exaggeration. We're apes after all... the loudest ape usually wins.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Damn you. I almost contracted an aneurism (after reading your post) from incessant laughter. :)

Anali said...

I agree that there is too much extremist thinking, but as crazy as all those statements are, so many people agree with them. It's ironic when you consider what the "fair and balanced" news is.

Mosilager said...

punkster hey, thanks for visiting :) hope I can repeat the experience in the future.

anali the stereotypes that people believe in are fairly crazy. Probably it's just easier to be spoon fed something than thinking about it for a bit and coming to a defensible opinion.

video said...


Amrita said...

I think my brain just exploded!
That was a fantastic post Mosi. You accurately summarized the ironic mental divides in world.

Mosilager said...

video and amrita :D - thanks! all thanks to the media.

I really hate it when the anti-abortion people get their young kids to stand with boards on the side of the road - many of those kids look like they are too young to have a proper opinion based on all the facts. Ah well so the indoctrination continues.

manuscrypts said...

Step 1 accomplished. Step 2: find a peaceful spot to meditate :D