23 March 2007

Why India got kicked out of world cup

A list of excuses that the Indian team can use to explain their likely elimination from the world cup in the first round (Image from Cricinfo):

Pakistani players Abdul Razzaq and Saqqi played for Bangladesh instead of Pakistan. That’s why India lost to them and Pakistan lost to Ireland.

9. It’s better for cricket – ICC asked India to give minnows more experience at the highest levels eg group of 8.

8. No point in trying as Pakistan got kicked out. We’re only in the world cup to beat Pakistan.

7. Players were too tense thinking about what would happen to their houses and endorsements if they lost.

6. Players’ wives and girlfriends were missing them and wanted them back early (especially Sehwag’s).

5. Companies that sponsor the team wanted them back early to star in advertisements. All this cricket was taking away from the dates the movie directors were available.

4. Tail enders should perform with bat as well under pressure. In order to give them some pressure under match conditions top order got out cheaply.

3. Team felt very sorry for beating Bangladesh 9/10 matches and Sri Lanka 8/10 matches recently. Did not want to be blamed for death of Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan cricket due to more losses. Death of Indian cricket is OK.

2. Wanted to stay on the West Indies beaches, hang out with West Indies fans, and never go home.

1. Wanted to get citizenship of Bangladesh or Sri Lanka for tax evasion purposes.

Well in 4 years when the world comes to India it will be a different story. Captain Yuvi will take us all the way. Oh, btw The post I wanted to write is here. I really feel bad for the players, they tried their best but clearly did not have the fitness levels required for athletes in the world cup. 2 hours of good fielding and they were looking like those Kenyan marathon runners do after 50 km.

Here are a couple of enduring images from the world cup...
Bermuda's gravity and law of physics defying Dwayne Leverock (Image from cricinfo):

Australia being aggressive against Kenya (image received by email - will link to orig. source if somebody lets me know what it is. Actually Sreekumar posted it before I did):

Edit - Rajesh points out in the comments this is Aus vs. Zimbabwe in 99 and not this WC. Thanks, mate.


Sreekumar said...

Point no. 7 isnt that funny...it looks pretty probable and the death of woolmer didn't help.
I didnt watch a single ball being bowled in this World Cup and now I think I did the right thing :-)

video said...

Yikes! That last image reminds me of that movie 'bodyline' where England was playing against Australia at the Ashes. See that movie?

Mosilager said...

sreekumar It sucks the way some of the fans behave. If they realise that they contributed to the loss with their rowdy behaviour, maybe things will be better next time.

video yes i have that somewhere. bodyline series was bad - players trying to disable each other on the field.

Rajesh said...
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Rajesh said...

Point 8 makes sense, but its sad ... they should call it off ! (the WC I mean)

On a separate note ICC is gonna face one of the worst financial crisis ;)

Rajesh said...

The picture you have here - with all the Aussie players lined up isn't from this WC. Its an old one (99 I think) against Zimbabwe. Steve Waugh was the captain and Fleming was the bowler. ZIM were 9 down and Steve wanted to wrap it up asap. :)

Mosilager said...

rajesh hey thanks for pointing that out... will indicate in post. it's very sad about bob, no game's worth losing a life over. no matter what happens in the WC that's always going to be a shadow on it. btw did you disable comments on your posts? couldn't find a link for it.

Rajesh said...

Mos- You're welcome. Hope both the teams come out of their tragedy soon.

Amrita said...

This WC is really sad. Your pts are quite hilarious though Mosi.
Now that India and Pak are both out....viewership and interest is gonna drop big time me thinks.

Mosilager said...

rajesh hope the system is completely revamped. we need training facilities where we can simulate foriegn conditions and an emphasis on fielding and fitness as well as batting and bowling.

amrita thanks. not sure about viewership dropping - after all fans of cricket are fans of cricket. i was much impressed by the aus-sa match the other day. maybe it's better that we don't have an emotional attachment to one of the teams any more and can just follow the cricket.

Rajesh said...

I'm not sure we would be seeing anything of that sort in the near future. We have been asking this - superb facilities, a good coach, good selection committee - for more than a decade now. We have had our ups and downs but have never felt confident and no matter what, haven't gained from anything that has been done.

@ Training academy - we have all the facilities and BCCI has all the the $$ in the world but still lack something (everyone knows what, but no one knows how.)

@ Fitness - None of our players look (or are) physically fit.

@ Concentration - The best I have seen them is in the last WC but still it wasn't enough.

@ Selection committee and politics - With all the politics involved I dont think anything positive can happen. Players kept in the team even though they don't perform, Ministers and MLAs becoming part of the BCCI and enforcing their rules makes it worse.

All in all - I really doubt anything good will happen to Indian cricket.

--Sunrise-- said...

"8. No point in trying as Pakistan got kicked out. We’re only in the world cup to beat Pakistan."


Mosilager said...

sunrise thanks!