16 March 2007

Tag of 3 by Isha

3 things that scare me -
4 more years of Dubya
Global warming causing meltdown of blogger servers
Ice Age

3 people who make me laugh -
Douglas Adams
Steven Moffat
Roald Dahl

3 things I love
Coconut trees

3 things I hate

3 things I don't understand
talking the talk but not walking the talk
being told what to believe

3 things on my desk
.357 magnum bullet
baby ginga toy
parker sonnet

3 things i'm doing right now
thinking about world cup
it must be hot there, would probably need some water
india all the way!

3 things I want to do before I die
go to mars
make somebody deliriously happy
get the UN a functional army

3 things I can do
scratch my back
speak random languages

3 things you should listen to
vathapi ganapathim
harp played by the seashore
redemption song by bob marley

3 things you should never listen to
listen to everything - decide what to retain and what to throw away

3 things i'd like to learn
making good music

3 favourite foods
chick peas

3 beverages I drink regularly
did I mention water?

3 childhood TV shows / books
lord of the rings
terry "he doesn't wear his underpants outside his jeans" teo

Amrita, Ramya and Sheetal, you ladies have been tagged.


Isha said...

mwahahaha.. im the first one here.. :) .. whoa you sound more and more awesome everyday .. haha if we are in the same timezone you mite have a crazy girl stalking you with a soltaire ring mwahaha..

Amrita said...

Ooooh....loved reading yours. Dubya scares me too man. And 'vatapi ganapathim' is fabulous!!
Now i'm gonna go do mine.. :) Cheers!

Twisted DNA said...

"4 more years of Dubya"
What the.. holy.. oh wait.. it's just two more years. Man you scared the bejesus out of me!

Anali said...

Love the list! This post is making me thirsty! : ) Good thing I have some water nearby!

video said...

3 things I didn't know:
That you're a LOTR buff
That you prefer Water to Mosilager
That you can scratch your back

Mosilager said...

isha congratulations, I crown you first commenter. I never had a stalker so might be fun - any plans to move to Africa?

ammu :) thanks for doing yours so fast, it was a lot of fun.

TD 2 years more scares you - I was thinking of a third term of 4 years. Probably there won't be an Earth left intact after that!

anali H2O is the key! And thanks.

video I read LOTR a couple of times - love the books - but don't get the connection here.
Water after Mosi, water before mosi... unfortunately no Mosi here so trying to book back home as soon as possible!
I didn't know I could scratch my back either till somebody said they couldn't do theirs so I had to test.

Mayuri said...

'Make someone deliriously happy'. I like that one.

Anonymous said...

what are you up to warrier, let me suggest three things you are not supposed to do....

Sheetal said...

hey hey ;) i just did my tag.. check it out! chat soon.

Mosilager said...

mayuri :D
joyce there's probably a million things like that... where to begin?
sheetal awesome! thanks for doing the tag.

Hizuru said...

Hm. I don't understand men who don't understand make-up.

Mosilager said...

hizuru I've always had this theory that women only wear make-up and clothes and do their hair to impress other women.

freespirit said...

thank u for saving me from blogstipation once again!

And i totally agree with your comment about women using makeup mainly to keep pace with other women. Trust me...its true!

Mosilager said...

freespirit I can always be relied upon to be a tall, dark, and handsome knight in shining armour who saves damsels in blogstipation distress. (since it's the internet it doesn't matter what i really look like)

amazing the sort of things women do to impress (and suppress) other women. this is the main reason why men rule the earth. most women refuse to cooperate with each other.

Hizuru said...

So you Do understand that make up.

What men do to impress(or supress) other men? Talking diplomatic?
...and don't say it's not their nature, because I know they do try make-up action.

Mosilager said...

hizuru Don't know much about what men do but boys generally try to impress each other by claiming to be stronger or be better at something. But when it comes time to cooperate with each other to get something done, guys are much better at cooperating with each other than women with each other. guys and girls cooperate fine.

my point with women not getting along with each other as well as men getting along with each other is based on different observations -
in india a dowry system is practiced by some people. This is a criminal offense, but very hard to get evidence for. the way it works is that if a girl gets married to a guy, the girl's parents will pay them, either in money or in kind. If they do not pay the girl's mother-in-law makes her life a living hell.

in societies like saudi arabia the women basically do not have equal rights with men. women perpetuate this system by teaching their daughters not to fight it and by actively ostracising women who do. if all the women rose up and said that they wanted to drive, nobody could stop them from driving, for example.

It is possible for women to get together but difficult. Women did that in the US to get the right to vote - if they had not then they would not have that right.

I think there are some theories that this behaviour evolved in humans a long time ago. Men would go to hunt for food and such so had to be very cooperative and not let differences between them hamper the work. Women were competing with each other for men (since there are usually more women than men) and so have a competitive streak when it comes to other women. Don't know if it's true or not but does make some sense.

Not sure what you mean by men "trying make-up action." Could you rephrase? I was really talking about cosmetics up there.

Hizuru said...

Sounds like women's nature is revolved around men... anyway, your points are interesting.

Mosilager said...

hizuru well that's because it's a male perspective that i have. probably if you look at things from a female perspective it might look like male behaviour revolves around women :)