05 February 2007


We got to talk a lot of science in a rural setting over the weekend, in the Spring Mill Inn in Mitchell, Indiana (original home of Gus Grissom, the second US astronaut in space). We had an afternoon off to explore the surrounding Spring Mill state park, which we did with great gusto. In case anybody is wondering at the amount of padding that I have on, it was entirely due to the weather being approximately -18 degrees C.
Positively balmy!


This is a graveyard for the Hamer family. We could not read the carving on the earliest graves, so do not know how old they are. The ones we could read ranged from 1850 or so. Sadly there were many little graves of very young children. The information sign said that the average age was 27 of the people buried there. Many graves were of US soldiers and had little flags by them. I assume that they lived in the pioneer village that we visited next, but it was not clear.
Hamer graveyard

Pioneer village, leather shop. The door was locked so could not get in.
Leather shop pioneer village

Blacksmith's shop. Right next to what I presume were the stables, which were actually filled with a wagon and carriages and what looked like a sled.
Blacksmith shop pioneer village


The pioneers had to go in the woods... because their toilets were closed!
Pioneer village restrooms closed
(sorry.. had to put in a PJ aka poor joke due to it being one of the topics of this blog).

It's great to see the progress of science, both at the conference, and during the hike. The horse-drawn carriages and lack of restrooms reminded me of the progress in technology that enabled me to visit this place with very low risk. The graveyard reminded me of the high infant mortality of the 1800s. It also brought home that adult lifespan has increased since then due to progress in the biological sciences. Unfortunately we have not progressed so much socially since then, soldiers and civilians are still dying due to war, that has not changed since the 1800s.


Isha said...

beautiful place ranjit.. :) yeah .. sad rite.. low mortality rates et al.. hmm.. mankind is wretched with sufferings of its own ... no time no place will be free of it

Amrita said...

Lovely pictures Mos!
That graveyard is straight out of Shyamalan's Village :o

Crizzie Criz! said...

The first picture...

I see a haunted place. Also a very talented person behind the view finder.

The pic rocks. Way to go, bro!

Anali said...

Beautiful pictures! And very poignant point that although we have made so much progress in science and technology to extend our lifespan, we still cannot get along well enough to literally stop killing each other. So sad.

Sidd said...

Awesome pics!! Though why you would:

a) get out when its -18 degrees outside
b) want to install windows vista

are beyond me!

And i just saw the previous post *blush blush*!! :P Danke!! :D

Mosilager said...

isha yeah, it's sad, isn't it? hopefully some day we'll find a way to have enough resources for everybody to have a good standard of living.

amrita I didn't watch that movie - how was it? I almost thought there would be a ghost in one of those old houses... peeped in the window but could not see any evidence.

Criz Thanks a million, Criz!

Anali I wish there were easy answers to all the violence in the world today.

Sidd That is the power that women weild over men... I had something like 5 girls tell me to go walking with them in the woods. They made me feel like their knight in shining armour so had to go.
I just wanted to see what the vista upgrade advisor told me about my system... no way am I going to install vista until somebody hacks the drm.
Thanks for the hilarious posts! And I'm sure it's been said before.