15 February 2007

How NOT to behave during midwest blizzards

We had the worst snowstorm since 1978 here - 43cm of snow accumulated, with wind speeds expected to be up to 50 kph. Temperature started around -5 and steadily dropping to about -20. So... school was cancelled for 1.5 days (did not make a difference to me because the thesis is due next week) and everyone told to keep off the roads. So, based on our practical experience of surviving blizzards, here's some advice.

10. Do not drive from one end of town to another. Pick up groceries from the shop within walking distance, even if they do have inferior bottled water.

More of the blizzard

9. Do not forget the candles.

8. Do not forget the snow shovel. In fact, if a blizzard comes on Valentine's day, your girlfriend might appreciate a snow shovel more than roses.

7. Doggies are allowed on the bed if the electricity (=heating) goes.

6. Doggies go outside, they poop and pee, then they come right back in. They don't stay outside and run around, they have fur and a normal body temp of 38-39 degrees C. This is their home, not yours.
Ginga Boo run in blizzard

5. Trying to take pictures into blowing snow results in wet camera, shaky pictures and unhappy fingers.
Boo Run Pan

So Happy to jump in snow

4. Make sure your shoelaces are tied before wading through the snow.
Huge amounts of snow

3. If your shoelaces were not tied, and you get snow in boots, and can't feel your feet any more, come inside. (Ouch... this one is important). Don't wait for Ginga to learn the meaning of the word "Come" while chasing rabbits.

2. Do not forget your gloves.

1. When school is closed, there's a good reason for it, there's no need to go there, even if you do have to pick up your favourite hair brush.

Hopefully with these little suggestions you too may manage to survive arctic blizzards.


lova said...

:( (Feeling your pain from the sting of the ice in the shoes...)

video said...

Unfortunately, I had to brave the icy roads to come in and do a dissection. Also, I only found out about cancellation of classes on both the days AFTER I got into lab.

Twisted DNA said...

Haha... hilarious!

"your girlfriend might appreciate a snow shovel more than roses."
"Don't wait for Ginga to learn the meaning of the word "Come" "
Those two lines are gems!

Mosilager said...

lova yeah you dropped like a kg of snow from the inside of your shoes... mine had actually melted a little and stuck to the inside so we had to dry it out with your dryer.

video good points for dedication to science, I will definitely mention it if you ask for a reco from me.

twisted bhai thanks for stopping by, and glad you enjoyed it.

The Visitor said...

Doggies go outside, they poop and pee, then they come right back in.

Who picks up the poop? ;)
There was a program on Network Australia or some similar sounding channel on best inventions/innovations. Last year one of the entries was an indoor 'poopee' setup for pets. I thought that would be a great hit - but somehow didn't hear of it later. There are days when I just want to laze around in bed for another hour or so, but then I have to give in when ordered by Puvi to take her out. I've tried to convince her to use the toilet (tried all ruses like putting sand or using a soiled rag and the works), but it is never to be. sigh!

They don't stay outside and run around, they have fur and a normal body temp of 38-39 degrees C. This is their home, not yours.
What's that! We slaves never own anything - we just enjoy the benefits.

Finally the defence is due?! All the best.

Rohini said...

You braved a blizzard for a hairbrush?!

Siddhu said...

I feel your pain, but I shall still laugh. :D

Hilarious post!!

Btw, is there some way that a compulsive 'awake-all-night' person can get rid of his habit?

Rajesh said...

Funny ... But Mos, even if the school were open, there's no need to go there :P

Mosilager said...

visitor so true... we have these plastic biodegradable poop bags that we use to pick it up. Ginga's is sometimes two handfulls I have to say. too bad the indoor poop thingi didn't catch on. although our guys would go mad if they were inside the house all day.

rohini :) a little exaggerated, chalk it up to poetic license. actually it was a laptop power cable.

sid thanks! don't worry I've laughed at a lot of your adventures that probably caused you pain at the time. although i think several of your fans seem to enjoy your moments of 'discomfiture' a tad too much.

rajesh yes that is true but there is special pleasure in officially being told to leave school and stay out. from the president of the uni, no less.

Mosilager said...

sid i had a roommate who used to get his days and nights mixed up... nothing for it other than forcing sleep at night. have you tried nyquil? just need it for one night and make sure not to sleep the next day and you'll be set... till the next all-nighter.

Anali said...

LOL! I guess a Midwest blizzard is pretty similar to a Northeast blizzard. A whole lot of snow! Glad you survived!

We haven't had much snow here, just ice and I think it will be all melted by the end of the week. Stay warm!

lova said...

OT: a fellow Mallu In Madagascar :) http://pramodinjhb.blogspot.com/2007/02/its-madagascar-my-monochromatic-friend.html

you probably know this site but just in case, he linked to a Kerala blog roll:
Hope you are feeling better...

Isha said...

lol that was funny hehe well its good motivation to stay inside and finish that thesis then :P hehe

Mosilager said...

visitor thesis is in! thanks for asking. countdown begins...

anali snow's all melting here as well... i don't like it when it turns to slush... doggies are still having fun running through what's left of it.

lova thanks for the link, he seems to have a good blog.

ishu ha ha yeah... although some virus decided to beat me up for a few days so I was battling that as well as the thesis. hope i didn't turn in all nonsense.