27 February 2007

Christans, convert back to Judaism

Sorry Christians, the writing is now on the wall. I anticipate a massive conversion of Christians to Judaism, starting with the Pope himself. All former Christian majority countries should now consider themselves provinces of Israel.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, James Cameron has made a documentary about some 2000 year old stone caskets containing the remains of a family:
Mary; Matthew; Jesua son of Joseph; Mary; Jofa (Joseph, Jesus' brother); and Judah son of Jesua.

Cameron thinks that these names suggest that this was the historical Jesus who is mentioned in the Bible. Lots of people are very upset about this 'blasphemy' as it suggests that Jesus was in fact not divine. He was just a guy who wanted everybody to be nice to each other and maybe invoked the name of an imaginary superior being to bolster his case.

It's a good idea, this guy apparently lived the ideal and showed that it could be done by people. Who cares if he had a family like 100% of the other people his age in that time period and got buried? Just shows that he wasn't a complete weirdo. Hey, what next? Maybe they'll find that Jesus was Arab... probably related to Arafat or Hussein of Jordan or something. If Christians really care more about Jesus's divinity rather than what he said and did, then they have their priorities wrong.

If these do turn out to be the bones of Jesus and family then the sceptics are showing massive disrespect. Lightning will strike them down etc. Well, either way us neutral atheist/agnostic/non-Christians are in for an entertaining time. Wonder if the Bible will need a disclaimer in front of it, "This is a work of fiction..." Oh wait, it's been done already.


freespirit said...

hilarious as always!

When i read the news item a few days ago, i was thinking - there u go...another Da Vinci Code! And the Chruch will boycott it and everyone will do a big song and dance around it and completely overlook the teachings of Christ which are relevant irrespective of his divinity!

Or maybe u need to be able to walk on water before people will pay any attention to what you have to say!

Anali said...

Very interesting post. Peoples' whole identities and reason for being are too tied up in the church to ever believe that the bible is not true, even if there were absolute evidence showing that it wasn't.

Mosilager said...

freespirit Thank you madam! I saw the bishop of Mumbai on TV talking about the Da Vinci Code. He kept insisting that the people put a "This is a work of fiction...." disclaimer in front of the da Vinci code. I kept thinking he should first put one in front of the bible.

Well about 500 years before JC Gautam Buddha came up with being nice to other living beings and he denied the existance of God... I guess whatever works to get people's attention.

Anali Thanks! I get the feeling that religious people are more interested in the modern power centres of their religion that the actual tenets of the religion. It's very sad that people choose to not think about their beliefs in a critical manner. This often leads to trouble for others who do not conform to the ideals of that particular faith. It's true for every religion today, I wish that the religious leaders would teach critical, scientific thinking without regard for the consequences to their power centres. Now that would make a beautiful world!

lova said...

as read on the picture you linked to:
"Content Advisory: Contains verses descriptive or advocating suicide, incest, bestiality, sadomasochism, sexual activity [..] and human rights violations and atrocities."
Ouch.... ;) had all the making of a best-seller though....

Mosilager said...

lova I cracked up when I read that, hilarious stuff. The Bible's authors had the ancient soap opera market all sown up.

Mayuri said...

3 days to go Ranjeeeeeee!!!!!!! Why are you still blogging ????

Mosilager said...

that's true, ok i'll stop now.

Hulles said...

"If Christians really care more about Jesus's divinity rather than what he said and did, then they have their priorities wrong." Well, I think you nailed that one. Good stuff.

Mosilager said...

H don't know why a simple message like love thy neighbour gets twisted into such complicated stuff.

Twisted DNA said...

Yo are right, this is certainly entertaining for the people who are not involved. But I am sure this news will be buried pretty soon and nobody will even think about it. There is enough proliferation of fundamentalist Christians in the media to make sure of that.

I might sound like I am against Christianity, but that is not true. I am against religion in general :)

Mosilager said...

twisted dna I hear you. I think religion plays a good role in many people's lives, helping them psychologically.
I also think that people should have the choice to believe or disbelieve any aspect of their religion. If something does not make sense, it should not be followed. (I guess that's what makes me a wannabe scientist).
The mind-numbing effect of religion is the reason people can use it to control others and cause them to do horrible things.