26 January 2007

Blog Anniversary

It's been... a year and 2 days for the Kraal. Yay! Balloons, champagne popping and all. Just for the record, here is a link to the real first post (as opposed to the Hello world first post). I was going to blog about why one-day cricket should be scrapped (only tests and 20/20's in the future - let's get rid of the middle overs) but decided not to lose all of my readers in one fell swoop. So instead I'll highlight some posts that I remember from the year from all of y'all (plural of y'all, which is singular and what you are called in Louisiana.) It's not in any particular order.

So, here's Lova talking about the Malagasy diasporic experience and how he deals with it all. And don't forget to take a gander at the Malagasy dwarf hippo. Oh yes, and definitely read this if you consider yourself a child of the 80's.

Rohini talks about the language her son uses at age 1.5 years. It'll be a great record for him to read about when he grows up. I always have trouble commenting on her posts because a lot of what she talks about reminds me of things we've experienced with Ginga and BooBoo and I'm not sure if people (not Rohini herself) get offended by similarities between children and pets. Also, here's Rohini's husband's close escape from the Mumbai train bombings.

The ever-funny Ramya talks about Malaysian english. She also wonders how Berliners summon storks in winter and how her position in the family was supplanted by a four-legged known as Coco.

Siddhu is probably the next Sidin in the making... it's very inconvenient that his studies get in the way of blogging. Ah well... here's part I and part II of a hilarious phone call incident.

Hulles burst upon the blog scene with his own brand of humour. Here's his take on outsourcing and an ode to the caboose.

Criz has deep, meaningful posts, but I like his funny posts more. Here's Swami Greekananda and Don Whito Corleone.

Sheetal's pictures remind me of home... it's nice to have that connection. Hope she gets back to blogging soon.

Abhishek feeds the soul with this story about small gestures, Amrita talks about the one who danced, and Anali stops to smell the flowers in Boston.

Vidhya confesses about her pranks as a student and snaps a picture of lightning. Rajesh reminds us of all the knowledge that the year 2006 has brought us.

Apologies to anybody who I have left out... time issues you see... thanks to everyone for reading and commenting and sharing bits of their lives with me. Wish you guys the best for this year.


Rajesh said...

"Wish you guys the best for this year." - Amen, wish you the same :)

lova said...

Happy B'day Kraal ! So what's on your Vanilla Ice T-shirt ?
How about: " you don't know what payback is !" from this video where Ice gets mad :).

Mayuri said...

Happy Anniversary Ranjeeeeee!!! Thanks for posting about everything under the sun. It makes for some really good, some thought provoking and some 'timepass' reading every now and then (whenever you post that is).
Keep up the good work

vidhya said...

Happy anniversary! Keep the posts coming! Great "timepass" indeed!

Anali said...

Happy Anniversary! Great post! I love the first Vanilla Ice post - hilarious!!

Mosilager said...

Thanks all for the lovely comments and also your entertaining posts which I linked to for the first bloggiversary.

Yes Lova I should definitely get the vanilla ice t-shirt now since it started the blog off.

Ha ha Mayuri do I detect a note of dissatisfaction in the number of posts in your comment? Quality over quantity, remember, you told me? Thought provoking? I should definitely avoid any posts that make me out to be a mature individual.

Vidhya I'll try my hardest to keep good posts coming... but nothing seems to be happening around here lately... will have to share some vignettes from the past maybe.

Anali you've been following the blog for so long that I thought you were there from the beginning. Happy to have given entertainment.

Amrita said...

MOS!!! Congratulations :-) Keep the Kraal going. I'm been MIA due to work...but promise to catch up soon enough.

Didja know..I just read your real first post...and just wanted to admit that my cellphone ring tone is 'Ice Ice baby'. Ahem! I hope that cracks you up :)

Love your blog...keep it coming. Cheers! :)

Mosilager said...

amrita Thanks a lot!!! Nice to hear the encouragement. That's awesome that you have ice ice baby as your ringtone. That is hilarious! Now I have to go and get the t-shirt and advertise my blog on it :D I'm sure Lova will love to have one too.

Sheetal said...

I know I'm a few days late, and I'm sorry - nevertheless, HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY :> Hope you had a glass of bubbly for me too? If not, you'll have to crack open another bottle!

Chat soon x

freespirit said...

Yo! Happy Bloggiversary. As u know I was in the jungles of Kuantan without phone, laptop, internet etc. But now that I'm back....I should be able to fill you up on the goss soon. And hey...keep blogging, coz that keeps me going. To the blog, that started off a special friendship...cheers!

Mosilager said...

sheetal you're excused, you're like taking care of your whole family out there. hope all the busy-ness has settled down now.

freespirit great now you are having adventures travelling around in your country of residence as well? wasn't that against the plan? It's really nice to find old friends and make new ones, I never realised that would happen!

Hulles said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you continue to blog forever, or at least until you get so old you keep repeating the same post over and over.

And thanks lots.

Mosilager said...

Yes! being Don to Earth is my dream!