07 December 2006

Zambia's on the Onion

OK how spooky is this? Right after I wrote a post on a coup attempt in Zambia and Hulles added to it here, the Onion comes up with coup attempts in Zambia... I'm sure all of you guys are now thinking that my secret identity is a writer for the Onion... "Mild-mannered scientist by day, hilarious comedian by night."
Yeah I know you're really thinking "Idiot by day, moron by night" but rest assured I will not leak my secret identity... you will be left to wonder, am I an Onion writer or a moron?

Edit: Just noticed that Hulles blogged about the Onion article and he also has a hilarious post about outsourcing his blog... reading his other posts, I think he's probably on the staff of the Onion and keeping his identity a secret - but not from me... he dropped me a hint... saying that the Onion reads Mosilager ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice words. I don't really write for the Onion, at least not yet. I'm really just a moron, as any of my friends could tell you if I had any. It is funny that the timing was so weird on the article, isn't it?

lova said...

I am still laughing at that " Jesus, What were we thinking ?" line as well. God, that's funny :) !
This one is not bad either:
"Frankly, we're amazed there was even a president to overthrow in the first place," he added. "All we can hope for now is that another band of utterly naïve rebels comes along to put us out of our misery."
Or The "taking over estonia"

Anonymous said...

sweet! you're famous :)

Mosilager said...

hulles i'm sure it's just a matter of time... maybe some of your love interests will respond positively after that happens.

lova why oh why did I not think of writing something like that? we've joked about it enough in Lusaka.

amrita yes ! although I think I'm famous for being a moron which may not be that good