06 December 2006

Make love, not war

A kissing scene in the movie Dhoom 2 between Aishwarya Rai (of Miss world and Revlon fame) and Hrithik Roshan (beloved of the damsels) has caused a gentleman in India to believe that it caused offence to women and "promoted vulgarity in society, especially among youth," leading to the actors being sued in court.

Well buddy if there were more kissing in the world there would probably be less violence. Also, newsflash - there's a lot more of what you would describe as 'vulgarity' going on in Indian schools than a hundred years ago when you were a student. It's more likely that men felt offended that Ash did not kiss them rather than women being offended. So... take some classes on the meaning of gender chauvanism, stop wasting the court's time, and let them get on with real problems (why does it take 13 years for judgement in the 1993 WTC bombings case?)

Are such people unique to Asia or are they found in Europe / USA as well?


video said...

I'm sure there are people like that everywhere. These are just people who have nothing better to do and would probably protest anything. The courts? They have no excuse over why everything take time. Their fast track cases itself take longer than anywhere else in the world.

lova said...

So you would be agreement with this initiative then. :)
As far as France goes, this guy is running for President on a platform that is, well... prudish... until an incest scandal in the family broke into the news. :)

Mosilager said...

video - that's unfortunate... i thought there was a censor board that took care of all this stuff in desh. ah well some people won't be happy until everyone else is unhappy.

lova - yeah, their aims are lofty but I fail to see how the implementation even comes close to fulfilling any of the aims... the freespirit had blogged about it here.

how come the guardians of morality are the ones flouting it the most?

Anonymous said...

Trust me, they are everywhere. Everywhere I've been, anyway. I'm usually pretty good at imagining myself in other peoples' shoes (or sandals or moccasins or FMBs or whatever) but I have no idea why people can become so outraged over something that is essentially so trivial and harmless. But that's just me....