24 December 2006

Being 10 again

Recently Lova and I have been rediscovering our largely misspent childhood / adolescence. (The local opinion around here, and to our faces, not just backstabbing, is that we never left adolescence.) Anyway I chanced upon the “adult swim” channel which was telecasting the cartoon Voltron, a staple of my childhood. I immediately clicked the DVR option to make a series recording. For the uninitiated, Voltron is a cartoon about a robot, the defender of the universe.


The premise is simple, there’s an evil king Zarkon who destroys planets and takes the population as slaves. He has a son, Lotor, who plans to be even more evil than the dad. Lotor is in love with Princess Allura and true to his demonic nature, wants to lay waste to her planet, make all the people slaves and take the princess as his wife. The Princess and four other space explorers pilot 5 robotic lions who can combine to form the mighty robot Voltron.
zarkon Lotor

Every episode has the same story. Lotor trains “robeasts” as opposed to robots to try to deactivate Voltron. He also plots to separate the voltron force so that they cannot form Voltron. Initially he succeeds and his Robeast only faces 4 lions and beats them up.
blue redlion

Then the fifth lion shows up and they form Voltron. Voltron fights a little, gets beaten, eventually decides to “form blazing sword.”
5lions voltron2


That’s it for the Robeast… one swipe of the blazing sword kills the Robeast, Lotor goes back to plot a new way of separating the force and training new robeasts. Of course the Voltron force could save themselves a lot of trouble by destroying Lotor’s home planet, which they never do. They also should just form Voltron immediately and have the blazing sword all the time. Then every episode would only last 10 minutes (5 minutes for beginning and ending scene, 3 minutes for the scene that forms Voltron, and 2 minutes for the explosions when the robeast dies.) This is probably why I do not write this series, but it's a classic and I love my Voltron.

Lova and I also acquired a used Xbox and currently we are fulfilling a 3 year dream of playing the game Dead or Alive: Xtreme beach volleyball. The plot of this game is brilliant. The female characters of dead or alive (a fighting game) are invited to an island, ostensibly for a martial arts contest, but in reality there is no contest. So they decide to take off their fighting clothes and don bikinis and play volleyball against each other.


This is one game where watching is as much fun as playing! And don’t worry, it’s not all about volleyball, the girls have to form relationships with each other based on gift giving and going to the bathroom together and whatever else ladies do to bond. This allows them access to better volleyball partners. Better partners mean more victories, which means more money to buy more bikinis. Again, the scriptwriter of this game should be awarded a Nobel or something. (Opponents of the game do say that it's against women, but those are the same sort of opponents who believe that women should be pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen for all time so I don't lend their opinions much credence. And anyway, the volleyball scene in Top Gun did not draw any opposition from these groups so they are being hypocritical.)

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy new year, happy holidays, and may the gentlemen who visit the blog play beach volleyball with the xtreme crew and may the ladies play with Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and cohorts (or the other way round if they prefer).


Anali said...

Merry Christmas to ya! I guess this is the season to let your inner child run free. Glad you and Lova are having fun! : )

lova said...

Merry Xmas to the Kraal. That "Top Gun" scene was also a clear attempt at fishing for an additional demographic besides the ladies....which begs the question...would extreme beach volley ball appeal to the ladies of Sypho as well ? :) euh...forget I asked...

Onkar said...

have to try out the game. looks enticing....