30 December 2006

Barack Hussein Obama, the bell tolls for thee

Update 1 Feb 2007: The extremely funny Melvin Durai made some suggestions for this post. You can read his take on Obama here. So I'm changing the post based on his suggestions (*).

I’m sure there are good reasons to elect Obama. However, going by the advertisements of candidates in prior elections, superficial reasons are more important. So, here are the best superficial reasons why Obama should be elected as President of the United States of America in 2008:

10. He hasn’t been in office long enough to be on the board of Halliburton. Everybody should have the opportunity to be on the board of Halliburton.

9. He’s so popular in Kenya that Kenya could become the 53rd state (after Puerto Rico and the UK).

8. No other would-be President has supported good manners. Joe Biden could sure learn some good manners.

7. He’s a great guy to have representing USA. His dad’s Kenyan, mom from Kansas, second dad Indonesian, half-sisters Indonesian, dog's German shepherd, cat's Persian, he has the whole UN in his family.*

6. Anybody who does a video about the double meanings of supporting a football team and announcing his entry into the presidential race deserves to win that race. (Go Colts, sorry Obama.)

5. For the bigoted who will not vote for African-Americans – he’s not really African-American. His dad was Kenyan and his mom is from Kansas.

4. Obama was on Oprah. She was impressed. Bush was on Oprah. She was depressed.*

3. His middle name is Hussein. His last name is similar to Osama. Get a president who has the names of your worst enemies. Battle for hearts and minds on Arab Street, anyone?

2. Grace (of Will and Grace fame) had a dream where Obama was in her shower and “Ba-racking her world.”

1. He looks like Nelson Mandela. He didn't spend time in prison, but he did suffer through Harvard.*


lova said...

it's time to get Ginga this shirt:

Sreekumar said...

Obama is certainly a political prodigy....but isnt his best bet playing a waiting game especially running for a country which isnt so young demographically?
Thats my "serious" reason against his chances. Have a Happy New Year!

Mosilager said...

Yes maybe we should get Ginga that shirt. I don't think that he would wear it though.

Yes probably 2008 is too early for Obama, he's popular but that's not the same as being elected to the Presidency. I think 2012 or 2016 he'd be a more credible candidate. He's saying all the right things now though, trying to be a conservative democratic type to reach out to everybody.

lova said...

From the Melvin Durai
"he faces several hurdles as he seeks to become the first president in U.S. history to understand what Jesse Jackson is saying."
That his some funny stuff right there :D. Melvin is hilarious :).
This is not bad either:
"...Too bad he didn’t live for a few more weeks. He could have watched the Bears in the Super Bowl.”

Mosilager said...

Melvin is hilarious... see, us Indo-Zambians do have some redeeming qualities.