11 November 2006

Ladies, get ready for Mr. Lova Lova

So I, my favourite 'citizen of the world' blogger Lova, and two unnamed persons of the female persuasion went to Chicago on Friday night to catch the incredibly funny Russell Peters and his opening act, Angelo Tsarouchas. As we got to Chicago with ample time left for dinner before watching the show, we, as in the ladies, decided that we should go to some place called "Nordstrom". Now people who have seen my pictures on the various blogs will realise that my understanding of the phrase 'shopping for clothes' means bargaining with roadside vendors who sport loud Hawaiian shirts, wear sunglasses at night, and have at least one missing tooth, for the express purpose of paying less than $10 for any item of clothing. So anyway we found ourselves in a shopping mall where names such as "Armani" stood out and every article of clothing seemed to be priced in Kwacha (Zambian currency, about 4000 Kwacha / dollar) based on the numbers of digits seen. While the ladies amused themselves by doing whatever they do in such establishments, Lova and I got the offer of going on a Comcast dating show for a renumeration of 20$ for recording a video profile and 300$ if we got selected. I of course felt all sorts of butterflies in my stomach and refused manfully to take part. Lova claims he was influenced by me to submit his profile and in the process signed some document swearing he is a U.S. citizen -add yet another one to his basket of nationalities - according to the lady who gave him the document, "Don't worry, we get lots of Puerto Ricans, they're not U.S. citizens either," anyway there was a TV setup and lots of lights and an interviewer asking Lova questions. After having chickened out of my own profile, I proceeded to be a good friend and to take some pictures for posterity's sake and also to humiliate him in the blogosphere.

Seriously though he came across as a good catch based on the snippets of the interview that I heard so ladies... he is out there. I'm sure he'll post some of the questions and answers on his blog (maybe with a little bit of persuasion on his comments space... not that I'm suggesting that you do that...)

Russell Peters, hilarious as always, totally different jokes from his 'outsourced' dvd that's going around. I was sure that we would get picked on, being in the front row, but we didn't, he picked on people in the second row. No, there was no tap some bong this time but the guy did an awesome Trinidadian accent. It was spot on. He has a good Bush impersonation as well, better than John Stewart's in my opinion. "The Indians, they gave me mangoes, I gave them nukl... nuku.... goshdang how do you say that word? nul... nukular secrets."


lova said...

That's just so wrong :) ! Thank god Russel spared us :)

Mosilager said...

Well since you'll be on comcast on demand... now I'm waiting for the questions / answers LoL.

I think the stage lights saved us, he could barely see the people in the next row.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! U saw russell!!! I want...i want...!!!!

So, why did u chicken out Doc Warrier? Photographer-scientist-poet Warrier makes for a good catch too me thinks?? :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Funny! And from one of your readers of the female persuasion... Were there any good sales at Nordstroms??!! : )

Sounds like you all had a great time. And love the new look!

lova said...

Yes, Mosi why no profiling ? ;)
it seems to me everything was grossly overpriced....might be my male bias.

Mosilager said...

I'll take that as a compliment even though I detect several layers of sarcasm there... Check Russell Peters' websites I'm sure he's coming to your region at some point... he kept mentioning being in S'pore / Hong Kong / Vietnam but did not bring KL up. Ahem yes I'm camera shy, didn't want to embarrass myself on national TV. Anyway I got no screen presence.

Thanks... was thinking about this change for a while... I think I have a majority female commentors around here, either boys have stopped visiting or they have nothing to say! Lova and I didn't actually enter any stores, we were just looking around at the shoppers and trying to figure out why Chicagoans looked so much better than Lafayette-ians on average. I think there was a sale going on but the prices were still in the 100s.

video said...

I wish you did it Mosi... That way, I can laugh myself silly while you're on tv embarrassing urself.

Mosilager said...

exactly :) I'm used to people laughing at me even without additional help from my side.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! Mos...I would give anything to watch you on that show :P hehehe.

Russel rocks!

Mosilager said...

oh god the comcast 'dating on demand'... how come so many people want to see me completely humiliated? ginga.... where are you???? oh wait never mind he and booboo are the ones who engineered my fall into some mud a couple of months ago... and I'm sure they were laughing at me too.