09 November 2006

Arabic proverb

quwatu l- 'insani fi 'aqlihi wa lisanihi

The strength of a person is in his intelligence and his tongue.

That is so true... have to work smart and present it well to people so that they appreciate it. Hard work will get you places, intelligence and a good presentation skills will let you rule those places.


lova said...

Is this related to the "Dubya explained" post ? Cuz I am not sure how strong GW would be with these criteria...;)

Mosilager said...

GW can sell ice to eskimos. but this post was mainly about scientists :)

Anonymous said...

I thought u were sposed drowning in thesis work. But you seem busy changing template of blog and writing random posts about arabic proverbs! Kya ho raha hai???

Hizuru said...

Mood for new Template?

I liked today's post.

Mosilager said...

I was trying to sleep from 2:30 to 3:00 at night didn't work so decided to get a little playful with the template - so by 3:30 I was tired enough to sleep. It was basically just cutting and pasting. Now up again at 9 have to start writing soon.

Nothing, just wanted to change to this for a couple of months and finally found some time when I couldn't write the thesis and yet could not sleep.

Mosilager said...

thanks hizuru for the comment :)