21 October 2006

Stark naked



Anonymous said...

So bare, yet so beautiful :)

You're a great photographer!

Mosilager said...

Thanks Sheets! I suck @ photography, this is only 1 of about 20 of the same thing that worked out!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?! The pics you've posted on here are stunning!

How was Diwali? Mine was delicious!! - lol.. too many gulab's ;>

Anonymous said...

Stark indeed.. :)

U take beautiful pictures..


Anali said...

Beautiful! And you know it!! : )

Mosilager said...

Didn't really celebrate diwali properly yet, writing the thesis, there's some party plan on thursday, hopefully I can make it to that. Saw the jilebi pics on your site, lucky you!

rose and anali
thanks! and I will take a bow ;)

Philosophically speaking, does one become a good photographer by taking many pictures and showing only the best or is it a question of taking one or two pics and they turn out really well? Or is it a question of if you see something that would look good on camera and manage to capture it? In my case, I just see things that I think will look good on camera and hope the camera makes the right decisions as to exposure, focus and so on.

Anonymous said...

what makes a good photographer? hmmm - that is an interesting blog topic :) I have over 6000 photo's that I have taken. I especially love taking wedding pics - bride's hands/feet etc.

I have been told that I am a good photographer, but sometimes, it's just by chance that I catch those moments, you know?

Hmmmm...maybe I should start a photo blog? What do you think?

Mosilager said...

yeah that would be cool! although I don't think you need to start a photoblog - just get a flickr account (www.flickr.com) and post pics there. Can also meet like minded photographers there.

Amrita said...

Nice picture Mos!

Here's my interpretation:-
Jazz/Ballet Dancers reaching out, in position to break out or collapse in, suddenly the music stops and they are frozen in time.

This is what I mean: http://www.riversideartscouncil.org/images/downtown%20dancers.jpg

Facinacion said...

Where is this picture from?

Mosilager said...

thanks! you're right that pic does remind me of this tree.

I really should start geotagging these pics... I took this one in Lafayette, Indiana, USA, at a local park while on a walk with Ginga.

Canary said...

thats just perfect.. don know wat else to say :)

Facinacion said...

Oh, I should put one pic I took at South Luwangwa .. it reminds me of this one.
Lusaka seen mmmmm it's calmed. Not many places to go dancing and everyone seems to go crazy about Rophcities.. which is actually nice setting.
But out of Lusaka I LOVE IT. I love small towns, I love going off on the weekends.. take a bus... go to a village for work... those are the things that make my job and stay here heaven.

Mosilager said...

merci beaucoup

Sounds good... I only got to go to Kitwe and Luanshya and Livingston every now and then, didn't really stop over in any of the little towns / villages. Anyway there's something about Zambia that people just fall in love with it. How much longer are you in Z?

Born a Libran said...

Nice snap dude... Did you use any filters or was the sky color in the background the same as in the photo?

Mosilager said...

Thanks born a libran... I didn't use any filters, it's just a point and shoot camera, I just forced a no flash so that the automatic exposure was a bit longer... if you click on the image you can get the exif data for the settings the camera had on flickr.

Mosilager said...

Click here for the exif data.

hizuru said...

Nice photo...

Need a technical support.
How did you post the pic with this propotional ratio? This is not the size from blogger photo size options, it seems....

Mosilager said...

Hello Hizuru,
Thanks... I usually shrink the photos with photoshop so that they have a width of 400 pixels, save and upload to flickr. On flickr I click the "all sizes" option, find the size that I like and copy-paste the code directly into the html composition window of blogger. hope that makes some sense.
if you use blogger to upload, look at the html view instead of the compose view, you should see something that looks like "img src=.... width=400 height=300" just delete the height part and change the width to whatever you want.

Hizuru said...

Thanks Mosilager!
I've been using the html view, but the image quality dropps when I shrink the size there. It doesn't ruin the image on Fli.. but it does on blog screen.

I don't remember seeing 'all sizes' from fli.. I'll check it out again.

Look forward to your next post!

Hizuru said...

I see now, I know what you meant by 'all sizes' icon. There you'd have to select the sizes 'small' 'mid' 'large' ..
Your photos do not seem like it has those propotions.


I'm bit confused. But don't worry about it...will figure it out. Thanks!

Hizuru said...

This is the last!

I now finally understood what you meant...

All I need to do is make the imag itself smaller before uploading to fli.. right?

Mosilager said...

no no keep commenting, don't make it the last. there's always a quality difference when you expand pictures, haven't really noticed when shrinking them.

You can change the pics to whatever size and upload to flickr, that will work also and may be easier than playing with the html.

Thanks for appreciating the blog, regular service will resume after dec 11th, until then it'll be either photos or links. no inspiration to write because i'm writing and rereading what i've written a thousand times a day.

Hizuru said...

Since I have your permission of leaving more comments(questions?!),
here I am.

So... when I resize down the original pic down to 400pxl width, it completely reduced the quality of photo, obviously.

When I resize the photo using html view, the quality of photo dropped.
Ex. Width=500pxl Height=334pxl down to Width=400pxl Height=267.2pxl
Is this the right way of figure out 20% smaller propotion?


Mosilager said...

Hello Hizuru... can you send me the pics (original and changed one) so I can see what is going on? Maybe there's a setting that gets changed (I'm thinking of dpi) that causes the pic to lose details. What program do you use to resize? (You can email the pics to me)

I haven't had problems resizing with html, it looks like you are doing it correctly so I'm not sure why the resolution is going down. will investigate a little more.

Hizuru said...

Thanks Mosilager,

I will send you the pic later via email.

Here's the problem I'm having by reducing size of photos.

1.On blogger, reduing size by using html view mess up quality of photo on blog screen.

2.Resizing photo using another program (ex.Photoshop) and upload on fli.. reduce quality of photos. Another thing, whatever the size you select is the largest view, and there's no longer mid size available if those photos are below 500pxl x333pxl.

3.Uploading through blogger using their photo attachment tool keeps the better photo quality than resizing then using fli.., plus I personally like the selection of size available there... but they have limitation in total amount.

Why fli.. won't allow us to select our own photo size setting? Their small size 240pxl x 160pxl is too small and mid size 500pxl x 333pxl is too large to be posted on blog screen for me.
...and I'd like to maintain the photo size 605pxl x 403pxl as largest size to be able to zoom in.

What am I missing?
Thank you.

Mosilager said...

Hizuru, see if this the last photo on this post is low resolution. I changed it from the orig. 500 width to 400 width for the post based just on the html. I don't know why it's giving you trouble, for me doing it that way looks fine.
You could suggest the different size options to flickr, maybe they'll listen :) Can you email the pics at my gmail? mosilagerATgmailDOTcom