07 September 2006

Universal studios

My first visit to Universal Studios. The idea is that they have a huge amount of land close to Los Angeles where they have set up studios that people can rent to shoot their movies. They have generic buildings made out of styrofoam if my memory and the guide to the tour can be trusted and these can be painted differently for each movie. For example, Bruce Almighty was shot on what is known as "New York Street" on the Universal set. Here's a building that he walked out of sometime during the movie:


Here are some stunt cars from Fast and the furious : Tokyo drift which had recently been shot there. The cars were hooked up to a mechanical arm that moved them according to the instructions of the controller. For instance, when he told them to 'take a bow,' they did!

Live casting for Fear factor - for those who don't have access to this show, it should be called 'gross-out factor'. Every time I've seen it on TV, somebody's eating live worms or cockroaches or slugs so I've only spent 2 seconds on it accidentally every now and then. Worst was when we were celebrating a kiddo's birthday at a restaurant and the TV opposite to us was set to this. This is why I stopped watching horror movies.

King Kong, baby!

The stuff vacations should be made of just outside our hotel. Unfortunately I was there as the bone in the kabab so my sis and brother-in-law could not enjoy it as much ;) Sorry!

This is where they shoot movies that have ancient themes... it's a generic Roman / Greek building / courtyard type thingi...

Ran into one of my favourite childhood heroes... Spiderman! (or Pydevaaaaa as he is known by a local 3 year old whose birthday we were celebrating while gross-out factor was going on)

Set from War of the worlds... yes that is a **real** boeing 747 whose innards are spilling out onto the street. The director thought it would be cool to have a 747 crash in a neighbourhood.

I don't watch it but for those who do, this is a house from 'Desperate housewives.' This is Wisteria Lane.
wisteria lane

Once google uploads my video of the dancing cars I'll put it up here as well.


Amrita said...

Wow...nice pictures. The gasolina video was wicked!!
I had a blast at Universal when I went there....that place is cool!
And i agree....Fear Factor is disgusting!

Mosilager said...

thanks amrita... don't know when they started confusing horror with sickening things. the cars were really cool... i only got a bit of it on the video. we saw most of universal, just didn't do the van helsing exhibit because of lack of time. and i had my first dippin dots ice cream. pretty good, although i wish they had mint.

Sheetal Makhan said...

Hey there..

Looks like you had an awesome trip :) Loved your pics..it makes everything seem more "real" (especially Desp. Housewives!)

I hope I can go there one day too.
Hope you're well..chat to you soon.
:) Sheetal

Mosilager said...

Hi Sheetal,
the trip was great. i have more pics of wisteria lane, i can email them to you. It's amazing that they've built all this from styrofoam and paint and keep reusing it for different shots. You also get a feeling of how fake the whole thing really is after you come out of there and it's amazing how they make it look like real houses and so on.

Lloyd said...

Hey, great photos =)

I was wondering if there was a chance that you could email me the rest of the wisteria lane pics? I' helping build up a gallery of pics from the set of desperate housewives.


Lloyd said...

the email is lloyd@laduk.co.uk by the way lol