09 September 2006

The invention tag

Video has an interesting tag for me and the doggies about 3 gadgets that should be invented. The GingaBoo got Lova to do theirs and I'm going to do mine.

1. Teleporter - can see any place at any time, no questions asked!
1(a). Random teleporter - imagine if somebody was yanked from where they were and suddenly found themselves somewhere else. Let this randomly happen to politicians once a year or so. So you might actually find Bush in Iran or bin Laden in the middle of a world trade center survivor rally. Imagine if this happened to Clinton while he was with his intern... and he landed in Afghanistan under the taliban. This would make world history even more bizarre than it already is and provide everyone with great laughs.

2. Babelfish - from the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy - fish that feeds on external sound and excretes it into a language that you can understand into your brain. Instant translation without having to learn another language, and absolutely necessary the more global we get. Although this may confuse men even more if they find out what women are really saying rather than the male interpretation of what the woman meant.
2(a). Combine selective babelfish with random transporter above. Not only does Clinton land in Afghanistan in a compromising situation, he can understand everything they say but they can't understand anything he says (and he has to play dumb charades to get them to understand anything).

3. The Internet. Everywhere. Free. In your own language.
3(a). Have a live webcast on Clinton with his pants down under the Taliban trying to explain to them that he got there by a random teleportation event while he was not with his wife and he's very sorry about the cruise missiles but it was just a joke and would they please direct him to the nearest intern or U.S. embassy while using sign language.

So now I have to tag 3 people. I shall tag The Visitor, Melvin Durai, although he's probably too busy, and Sheetal, who's been having a rough time of it lately. Oh also, anyone else who wants to do the tag, consider yourself tagged.


lova said...

I am afraid any sign language while having your pants down will be misinterpreted by anyone, taliban or not.

video said...

I'd love to see Bush teleported and see him talk his way out of a cannibal tribe's hot pot on their most religious day.... :-D
Ok, I stole that from you, Mosi....

Mosilager said...

lova - ha ha ha

video - I just hope that he doesn't run for a third term. A majority of Americans seem to want him in office still.

The Visitor said...

Mosi, Whew! I'm done with the tag. :)

Sheetal said...

Thanks for tagging me :) But my brain seems to be fried now :( But I will do it as soon as I think of something good. So keep your eyes peeled :)

Mosilager said...

ok sheetal waiting for it

Anonymous said...

I knew this took forever and a month, but I have finally done the tag!