25 September 2006

Duck Pond

I went for a walk with Ginga and BooBoo in the park. It happened to be sunset and the park looked beautiful so I tried to take photos of it using a point and shoot camera while controlling a dog who was trying to run after rabbits, field mice, squirrels. The difficulty of this task should not be underestimated ;) anyone have a digital slr they're going to throw away? I could use one...

wild indiana sunset

fountain in pond

dog looking at fountain at dusk

20 September 2006

I don't want to eat lunch here

I don't want to eat lunch here!

Are they suggesting that I might BE the daily lunch? I would not risk eating there. The difference punctuation makes!

17 September 2006

Talk with a 'refined hillbilly'

Three of us were at lunch when a brightly clad American guy rolled over to us in a wheelchair. "You India?" he asked, and I nodded my head, still a little blinded by his yellow shirt. His words were punctuated by gestures. His hands folded together, "Naamustey." I was excited, "Namaste, I said." His hands came together in a big circle. "People come here from all over the world. They live peacefully, friends with each other, here. The media, they don't report that. They say other people are bad, they are fighting with each other." He took a photo with his hands. "But you guys, you should take photos, put it in the media, tell everyone, we are peaceful. Everyone is happy with each other. The politicians, they are trying to tell us, those people over there are bad, we are good. They are trying to divide people. Not good. Students come here from China, our government tells us China is bad, Red Dragon Rising."

"India... when I was drafted into the navy..." I interrupted, "was that the Korean war?" He said, "no, Vietnayam... I studied here, flying. 12,500 pounds or lower. I got my twin engined license. Wanted to join and fly for the army. But the draft came. I'm a hilbilly, from 30 miles away." I said, "I thought the hilbillies were from Kentucky." He laughed a little and said, "yes, Kentucky, real hilbillies... in Indiana, refined hilbillies. the draft... I pushed planes around on a flight deck. Didn't fly. 1969, Rayvi Shaynkaar..." And then he made a gesture as if he was playing a sitar. "Rayvi Shaynkaar, John Lennon... they play together, I still remember. We want to help India, they are in a dangerous neighbourhood. India, lot of culture. I keep in my heart. Where are you all from?" I pointed to myself and said, "India." One of my friends was from Sri Lanka and other from Iran. He again moved his hands in a wide circle and brought them to his body, "you see, all of you here, friends. you tell them. Everyone is happy together here. When the tsunami came, India in our hearts, Sri Lanka in our hearts." He held his hands up in a praying gesture, " We prayed... to God, Allah, same, up there, good. Pray for me as well."

"Purdue is a good place. I came by there," he said, pointing at the road behind us, "girls, drunk, falling. I could be arrested just for thinking about it, you know? ha ha ha. My friend, inside, he's Lebanese, we are all friends here, we live peacefully. He said he's from Iowa. I asked him if he knows how to say goodbye in Japanese. He said no, so I tell him 'Sayonara.' Now when I leave he says, 'sayonara' to me. He's from Iowa. Now I'm going to the library. I'm going to read the Kama Sutra. I asked my friend if he knows it, he was laughing. India, in my heart," pointing to his heart, "here." I asked him, "will you have a chance to visit India?". Perhaps I should not have asked as he looked sad. "No, not so much money now. But India is in my heart. Good things it has given the world. Pray for me, bye."

I have actually paraphrased the conversation, not reported verbatim what was said. But there you go Gregory, if you ever see this, I have reported it to the world.

09 September 2006

The invention tag

Video has an interesting tag for me and the doggies about 3 gadgets that should be invented. The GingaBoo got Lova to do theirs and I'm going to do mine.

1. Teleporter - can see any place at any time, no questions asked!
1(a). Random teleporter - imagine if somebody was yanked from where they were and suddenly found themselves somewhere else. Let this randomly happen to politicians once a year or so. So you might actually find Bush in Iran or bin Laden in the middle of a world trade center survivor rally. Imagine if this happened to Clinton while he was with his intern... and he landed in Afghanistan under the taliban. This would make world history even more bizarre than it already is and provide everyone with great laughs.

2. Babelfish - from the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy - fish that feeds on external sound and excretes it into a language that you can understand into your brain. Instant translation without having to learn another language, and absolutely necessary the more global we get. Although this may confuse men even more if they find out what women are really saying rather than the male interpretation of what the woman meant.
2(a). Combine selective babelfish with random transporter above. Not only does Clinton land in Afghanistan in a compromising situation, he can understand everything they say but they can't understand anything he says (and he has to play dumb charades to get them to understand anything).

3. The Internet. Everywhere. Free. In your own language.
3(a). Have a live webcast on Clinton with his pants down under the Taliban trying to explain to them that he got there by a random teleportation event while he was not with his wife and he's very sorry about the cruise missiles but it was just a joke and would they please direct him to the nearest intern or U.S. embassy while using sign language.

So now I have to tag 3 people. I shall tag The Visitor, Melvin Durai, although he's probably too busy, and Sheetal, who's been having a rough time of it lately. Oh also, anyone else who wants to do the tag, consider yourself tagged.

07 September 2006

Universal studios

My first visit to Universal Studios. The idea is that they have a huge amount of land close to Los Angeles where they have set up studios that people can rent to shoot their movies. They have generic buildings made out of styrofoam if my memory and the guide to the tour can be trusted and these can be painted differently for each movie. For example, Bruce Almighty was shot on what is known as "New York Street" on the Universal set. Here's a building that he walked out of sometime during the movie:


Here are some stunt cars from Fast and the furious : Tokyo drift which had recently been shot there. The cars were hooked up to a mechanical arm that moved them according to the instructions of the controller. For instance, when he told them to 'take a bow,' they did!

Live casting for Fear factor - for those who don't have access to this show, it should be called 'gross-out factor'. Every time I've seen it on TV, somebody's eating live worms or cockroaches or slugs so I've only spent 2 seconds on it accidentally every now and then. Worst was when we were celebrating a kiddo's birthday at a restaurant and the TV opposite to us was set to this. This is why I stopped watching horror movies.

King Kong, baby!

The stuff vacations should be made of just outside our hotel. Unfortunately I was there as the bone in the kabab so my sis and brother-in-law could not enjoy it as much ;) Sorry!

This is where they shoot movies that have ancient themes... it's a generic Roman / Greek building / courtyard type thingi...

Ran into one of my favourite childhood heroes... Spiderman! (or Pydevaaaaa as he is known by a local 3 year old whose birthday we were celebrating while gross-out factor was going on)

Set from War of the worlds... yes that is a **real** boeing 747 whose innards are spilling out onto the street. The director thought it would be cool to have a 747 crash in a neighbourhood.

I don't watch it but for those who do, this is a house from 'Desperate housewives.' This is Wisteria Lane.
wisteria lane

Once google uploads my video of the dancing cars I'll put it up here as well.

California is an odd place

OK this stuff I found while running around California. All I can say is that pictures are worth a thousand words...

This has to be an insult of some kind...

Son of a Jew
(Son of a Jew)

Oh... ok... it isn't... that was a relief...

Son of a Jeweller
(Son of a Jeweller)

So... the ticket must present printed order and receipt and valid ID in the name of the person for the person to get a ticket? OK ok it was hilarious at midnight when I saw it, not so much right now.

This one was kind of cool, the bottle of Absolut vodka in front of the girl says Absolut 100% hot. They're looking for models if anyone's interested.