12 August 2006

Nail fail rate?

There was a little hardware repair going on in the house with attendant French and German experts. Of course they hired the Indo-African (myself) to hammer the nails in. Taking a page from Russell "No, no, no, you plough the fields and I'll do the accounts and we'll make a lot of money" Peters, I professed a complete inability to get the nail in without bending it or slanting it, thus making the foriegners do all the work. I fussed around with the little details and found this:


What's the failure rate on the nail-making process? 3/100 as per my calculations, with my two bent/slanted ones and this one.


video said...

Ahahahahaha! He's soo funny. I was in splits!

Mosilager said...

I was talking about having a Rum Lakhan III - the return of Rum party but let's just have a Russell Peters party, otherwise somebody gonna get a big hurt tonight... it'll be !xobile if he doesn't tap some bong and be a man.

lova said...

It's well-known fact that the French only hire africans to deflect blame away from themselves ;)