13 August 2006

Freespirit tagged me

Bohemian Free Spirit Ramya tagged me... rules of the game are to mention 8 things about myself and then tag 6 people to continue the chain but since I tagged 5 people for the last one I'm going to skip the forwarding of the chain.

Where to begin? ah... yes I've been chased by an angry momma elephant across the savannah.

I once momentarily lost the plot and jumped off a bridge 111 metres into the Zambezi river with nothing but a piece of rope tied to my ankles (I have a certificate that says exactly that to prove it).

I refused to learn driving until I had to at 21 because I was worried about taking on the responsibility of steering a guided missile through the roads.

My first car blew its radiator and engine head gasket the first time I drove it and was smoking so much from the engine that I couldn't see where I was going.

A little more than a year ago I had an epiphany that a certain dog was mine (and the dog heard the same epiphany) so despite not knowing anything about dogs I found myself the owner of one and brother of another one and started a blog about it.

I used to have curly hair till below my chest... so when I extended it it went down to the top of my stomach. Either people really loved it or they really hated it.

I've watched the movie Love, actually about 15-zillion times. I particularly enjoy the moments when Keira Knightley walks into the church and when Hugh Grant offers to send the SAS after his love interest's ex-boyfriend.

I've never been in a fight. I was close to one twice but the first time a girl came to the rescue and the second time I laughed my way out of it. Very manly behaviour of me, right?


Anonymous said...

I dont know you... but I know the person whose wedding pics you tried to blog - Nishant. Actually he was my first crush ;). Anyway, is there some way you could tell him that Merline was asking around about him...? Sorry to take up blogspace for this... Do let him know... maybe I'll be able to mail / call him... thanks :).

Mosilager said...

hey merline, that's what the comments are for :) I called him and left a message, if you want you can send me your email address (mosilager AT gmail DOT com) and I'll forward it to him. The wedding was a blast, lots of zambians showed up, some of whom I haven't seen in years and years. Let me know if there's anything else I can do.

freespirit said...

U had waist length curly hair that you straightened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * No comments about boys who try to grow their hair and then do girly things to it*

And you jumped into a river with a rope around your ankle!

Ok, your life is now officially a lot more interesting than mine!

And, whats's the Zambian connection btw?

Mosilager said...

heh heh heh maybe i should have explained, when I pulled it to see how long it was it came down to the top of my first ab, I didn't 'straighten' it at a hairdresser's or anything. And for the record I hated haircuts since I first started getting them so that's why I just stopped having them. Kept getting mistaken for a native american in those days that was kind of fun.

jumped into the zambezi - yes... the rope was bungi cords attached to the bridge so I was in no danger. According to the guy the rope could handle up to 5 tonnes of weight and I would only exert 2.5 tonnes when it stopped me from smashing headfirst into the riverbed.

We've been in Zambia for 19.5 years, grew up there, very nice place actually, went to an international school so got to meet all sorts of awesome people.

My life before was pretty interesting, needed extra pages in the passport and all that to handle all the stamps, but lately it's been just going to lab, taking care of the dogs and staying put in one place (for the most part), except when I got to attend the first India Pakistan Zambia Zimbabwe wedding ever in the history of the world. (I think, at least, if anyone knows better let me know). So right now you win the jet setting exciting live around the world life award.

Anali said...

Your muse is back!! Very impressive list. And I'm intrigued by this possible romance here. A first crush! You could reunite these two! All sorts of things happening on this blog. : )

Rajesh Warrier said...

@ Mosilager - I know, I havent been able to pull up the previous Tag. Let know if I'm tagged here as well - can squeeze in both in a single go. ;)

BTW - Pretty impressive ... these Ei8ht 'things'

Mosilager said...

@anali - thanks :) sometimes interesting things happen to uninteresting people. I think I'm back in the reuniting business through this blog... did that for several years at the previous incarnation of "The Warrier's Kraal" which I should probably re-make on the web as a historical archive or something. The Warrier's Kraal - reuniting Zambians since 1995 or something.

@rajesh - hey the link for the previous one is here. I didn't tag anyone else with this tag but consider yourself tagged if you want to do it. Thanks for reading it.

Rajesh Warrier said...

@ Mosilager - I should have phrased it properly .. I meant that I havent been able to sit down and complete the previous tag :-).

lova said...

oooops ! And I remember reading it . geeting old :)