20 August 2006

Church of Christ welcomes you

Very nice... but um... doesn't this imply that the other churches are not of Christ? What are they then, Churches of Mark, Luke, John, Mary, Judas, Satan? Mohammed?


lova said...

I think there is also a church of God that welcomes us on Kossuth st. It is a bit confusing... The only sure thing is that the Church of Boonga is always open, especially if you have treats and cheese sticks.

Rose said...


Good Musing.. :D

Well... 'Church of Christ' is a name of a Christian congregation.. There are others like 'Assemblies of God', 'Church of God', "Disciples of Christ' and so on and so forth...

Even being a christian (only by birth and chance) let me join you in saying.. Very funny indeed..



Mosilager said...

@lova - it's all in the name. I don't know if they intended it that way, but it comes across to non-Church of Christ-ians as a subtle attempt to make it more attractive to potential members... wonder if anyone's done a history of why those churches are named that way.

@rose - thanks :) I didn't even stop to think the post could give offense, just thought it was funny. I did my undergrad in a place that was known as the 'buckle of the bible belt' so I found it quite funny as all those people were running around trying to convert each other to their own brand of Christianity. Since I come from a hindu background, for me there seem to be just minor differences of opinion between all semitic religions so differences between the way christian churches interpret the bible seem to be negligible. Of course those differences are pretty serious and heartfelt for the people involved.
I generally post on religion from the perspective that people invented them and they have no connection to divinity... but I do have respect for faith that helps many people live more fulfilling lives and get to know themselves better.

Vola said...

Indeed you pointed out what makes the Christianism so different from the others religions (from my Christian point of view :))

The very big difference is the person of Jesus-Christ. We consider him both as God and as a human being. We adore a guy who told very strange things (love your enemies, For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it) and who died like a criminal, after he had been sentenced to death.

I can understand that it may disturb a little :)

My English is not as good as I'like to. I'm afraid I will not be able to go on further on the discussion ;)

But anyway, you have a nice blog :)

Mosilager said...

Hi Vola, merci pour visiting(?) my french is atrocious despite having studied it for 3 years and my malagasy is limited to whistling but i'm sure lova can translate if you want to comment further.

Indeed, I'll paraphrase from one of my favourite books,
"People nailed a guy to a cross for saying that we should all be nice to each other."

btw thanks for the birthday greetings.

Siddhu said...

God!! Religion's crazy.

And you were talking about the minimal differences between semitic religions.

If you wanna see how seriously some idiots take it, you just gotta go to Northern Ireland.

One street has a Union Jack and the Red hand of ulster -- oh that's protestant.

The other has the bloody Republic of Ireland flag flying high. That's ob catholic.

And the weirdest thing is - Northern Ireland (and Great Britain) is a hundred times better off than the Republic of Ireland. But some people wanna break away and become part of the country that's called the poor man of western europe just cuz of religion.

Mosilager said...

The Irish problems have a lot to do with ethnicity as well, Irish vs. English, as well as some historical issues that the two groups have had with each other so that's not purely a religious issue. Even if they were the same religion they would still have trouble. (Bangladesh vs. Pakistan maybe?) At least that's how I understand it from an Irish friend.

Though you're right it never ceases to amaze me how people take the messages of the religions which mainly tell them not to harm other people and do exactly the opposite. I think it is the fault of religious instructors because the first thing they encourage is that the religions are unchangeable and the word of god so the pupils have to shut their brains and 'have faith'. If that aspect could be changed then it would be easier to take the good things from different religions and ignore the bad.