07 July 2006

The movie made me do it!

Malaysia call to ban film suicide

This is very sad, a Malaysian woman threw herself and her children in front of a running train. Two of the children survived. Malaysia is blaming imported Indian movies that show suicide and wants to censor suicide scenes from them. What the...?
If somebody wants to commit suicide, then they will, regardless of which movie they watch. The movie may give them ideas on how to go about it, but it's insanity to think that an adult can be influenced into ending his/her life and those of their children based on a film. The money would be better spent trying to get psychological support for people who show depression, or perhaps in alleviating the circumstances that lead to such situations. Now I know of children who have jumped off tall buildings thinking they were the random superhero of the day but those children do not know the consequences of their action. This lady clearly knew the consequences. I don't like censorship or random people getting blamed for stuff. Which brings me to C. Ronaldo and diving but you don't have to listen to my rant because Lova has said it way better than I would have here. This guy's diving around in the world cup and trying to tar and feather somebody else for a foul takes away from his Diego-like football skills and puts him in the rank of what I wait for the doggies to do every morning and night lest they do it inside the house while we are not there.

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lova said...

a bit off topic but news on Dhorasso:
apparently he would have a bit of malagasy and Mauritian in him as well (not confirmed though)
so Vikash's family fell on hardship early on, he is called the "intellectual of football" and he has shown a strong support for the organization against the gay community in sports. Not a bad guy to root for. BTW Ribery, one of the white players on the french team, just converted to islam :). Of the irony !