11 July 2006


When we were young we had heroes to look up to, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, even Hanuman... as we grow up we realise that heroism is about ordinary people going out of their way to do extraordinary things when the situation calls for it.

The heroism that common Mumbaikars have shown today to help victims of the terror attack is astounding. They have organised themselves to help the overwhelmed authorities with care of the wounded and dead. As phone lines are jammed a local group has been making efforts to help people all over the world find out about their Mumbai relatives. They have not lashed out in their sorrow at their neighbours and others' property, which was apparently the intention of these terrorists.

Hope the injuries will heal soon and condolences to the victims' families. The whole world is with Mumbai today.


lova said...

yep, we are all Mumbaikars. Good to see everyone coming together in this time of extreme hardship.

Mosilager said...

GSL would be so proud of you :)