18 July 2006

Gita fell

Edit: The internet service providers are to blame for the blocking of blogspot blogs and not the government of India, so much of the rant below is unwarranted, but I'll leave it on anyway until the ISPs sort their problems out...

Gita was playing in the park. She fell down and hurt her leg. Gita’s mother did not admit it was her negligence that caused the accident, but she slapped Meena and Rekha and Rakhi who were playing somewhere else in the playground to make it look like to her friends that she was doing something about it. Then she stopped Gita from going to school and grounded her saying that it was her fault that she fell. The other children complained but since they had no say in the running of Gita’s house their voices went unheard. Gita’s mother said, “So she’ll miss a few days of school, tell me how that affects you.” Gita also wanted to go back to school so her friends threw the assignments and homework that she had missed into her room in the evening and Gita would throw back the finished assignments in the morning. So net result of the ban was that Gita’s mom got lied to and other kids and Gita had to spend more time to get the same things done. It also fueled Gita’s resentment against her mom and she thought that when she becomes independent, she would show her mom a thing or two about bans on schools.

As you may have guessed I am ranting about the Indian Government pulling a China and inadvertently blocking the whole of blogspot.com where this blog is hosted as well as hundreds of thousands of others in response to the Mumbai blasts. This is in direct contravention to Article 19 of the Indian constitution which the government has sworn to defend. You can read about the whole sordid affair here and here and a very funny take on the situation here.

If these guys had to block something they should have blocked splogs or that annoying doubleclick.net that keeps popping up everywhere. Don’t block my blog… bad government, no votes for you! (To give the government some credit, they thought that they were blocking 12 individual websites but the ISPs did not have the technology to do that so they blocked the whole of blogspot, typepad and geocities). When will these guys realise that blocks like these are easily circumvented? The only way to ban some websites is to block the entire internet, or to make like the Great Firewall of China and have a huge censor department to filter out specific content from websites.

I would like to thank my government for ensuring that my country remains safe from the mental terrorism caused by free speech and blogspot.com and the constitution. I only wish they had first decided to stop the physical torture that the real terrorists caused.

My favourite conspiracy theory - the govt. wants google to monitor blogs and block the terrorism supporting ones and will try to block .blogspot.com until google agrees. Anyway, here's an easy way that works to access blocked sites:
add .nyud:8080 to the end of the website. For instance if you wanted to access the dog blog you would type
http://mosilager.blogspot.com.nyud.net:8080 instead of the normal http://mosilager.blogspot.com

Here are some links for help about the issue, what you can do etc.
Blogger's Collective
List of angry bloggers who posted about the problem
Press Coverage

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