15 July 2006

Don't mix love, cross-dressing and terrorism

Growing up, we knew parents who did not want boys to talk to their daughters or vice versa. The usual trick was to get somebody of the same gender as the telephonee to make the initial call and then do the hand-off to the real telephoner. Then arrangements could be made for meetings and such. (This is not to say I participated in any such activities, I just knew about them from others **wink, wink**). There were also other elaborate schemes where entire houses were moved virtually to different locations and suddenly James lived where Jane used to for a few hours, or Salman's house would suddenly become Salma's house for transporting parents. You know the drill. All that stopped though when we moved on from school. Here's a 33 year old guy who pulled one that none of us ever thought about (and let us say we had enough sense not to carry it out even if it had come to mind). He gets full marks for innovation, though.

Right after the Mumbai serial bomb blasts, a man was caught wearing a burkha, or burqa, (traditional muslim dress for women that covers everything) at Chhatrapati Shivaji nee Sahar International airport in Mumbai. Apparently he was loitering and got caught by the cops who started asking questions. This is where the plot thickens.
Apparently this guy was in love with a girl who was landing at the airport. The girl's dad was one of those scary individuals who did not want his daughter to have anything to do with this guy. So he was pretending to be a woman to get to his girlfriend through her sister and instead wound up in the hands of the cops and his plot exposed to the whole nation.

What love... the girl should definitely marry him before he lands in jail again... but I just have 3 questions - how did they know he was a man under this flowing robe, would they have arrested a man wearing a sari or dress under the same circumstances and will he occasionally steal her burkha after the wedding?


Rohini said...

Ok let me attempt the answers. They figured out he was a man because he might have had an obnormally tall/ broad build to pass of as a woman or maybe he lacked attention to detail and ended up wearing his men's shoes which were visible under the burkha.

They may not catch a man cross-dressing in other costumes merely because in those the disguise would not cover his face in which case it would be unlikely that he would arouse suspicion.

And if he is doing to steal the poor lady's burkha after marriage - she has bigger problems that a fierce father and a boyfriend in jail to worry about...

Mosilager said...

I think you're right on all counts. Apparently my post on the subject has been linked to by Mumbai Mirror, although they linked to an old version of the post which I like less than this one. There's a photo of the guy here. Anyway, hope people can access this site from India because apparently blogspot has been blocked from some locations for some time due to its use by terrorist organisations to communicate.