18 June 2006

US commentators don't know football reprise

The USA commentary of the world cup is atrocious. Small faults I can overlook, but the major problem is that they are just reporting the game... they are saying exactly what the viewers can see. We need the commentators to tell us what we can't see. We need them to tell us what the game plan is, who is free and making a run... we also need some excitement for good football, regardless of who is playing. As it is, the commentators have turned it into a backside braii (or barbecue) where some guys are sitting around talking about the game and their team's chances. I have my own friends for that, don't need these guys (they're not supplying any Mosi :))

I think that the commentating and also team USA's game looks contrived. Football is a game that you feel... the game comes from the gut, from instincts... USA just does not have them. The other teams, their game comes from their spirit and their souls. The US team seems like the game is something that is imposed on them. They're very fit, technically they're good but they play without soul. The commentators are commenting without soul too.

My war against the US commentators starts from a long time ago, back when they were learning how to comment on football by imposing themselves on the Africa Cup in 94. We had to watch with the sound turned off because they did not know anything about football and about African football. Then, I had to endure the same commentators in '94 during the world cup. Then '98 wasn't bad because I was in Zambia and got some decent commentary... 2002 was atrocious... I was in the US and we had to watch the spanish channel to get any decent commentary. The good thing about the spanish channel was that they were half a second ahead of the US channels so we got the news before our neighbours :) Now 2006 I don't get the spanish channel so have to suffer through the commentary... wish there was a voice filter on the TV.

Finally I get to have my say against the US commentators... thank you Blogger.


video said...

I see you have some deep resentment against the commentators. I don't really watch soccer, but do they atleast do the whole 'goooooooaaaaaaaa....l' bit?

Mosilager said...

nope... not even for the USA game did they do that... that's part of why I say they do not understand football. They've reduced it to teleprompters and every 2 minutes they repeat that USA is going to take on Ghana on thursday. Every 5 minutes they talk about what it would take for the USA to qualify for the second round while showing the bloody face of McBride who got elbowed by de Rossi the Italian. (de Rossi got sent off). When the action is going on on the field they put the score or future matches up in a box that covers half the screen and obscures the players and the ball. So far we haven't missed a goal because of that box but I'm sure we will soon.