17 June 2006

US commentators don't know football

This is my conclusion from having endured their comments for those world cup matches that I've had the good fortune to watch. They just do not know what they are doing. Every match so far they mention 5 times how nice it is that teams stop play when someone is injured. Other comments include Iran vs. USA politics, advertisements, but they just do not know the football. Who cares where the players come from and which high school they came from? They're actually saying the US did not play well instead of recognising that the US doesn't have the talent... don't get me wrong they're a very fit side and can beat up on a lot of teams but they are not good to watch on the field. If the other team tires out before the US then they have a chance. The whole Ghana win thingi reenergised the commentators and they say if Ghana can do it the US can also do it. What!!!! Did they even watch the matches? I've heard of wishful thinking but this is ridiculous. Now I would love for the US to win... as that would make it easy for Ghana to go... let's get Ghana and US to go and leave Czech and Italy behind :) got no love for italians because of their falling down all over the place for no reason. got no love for the argentinians for precisely the same reason. The only way Italy can lose this match is if the screw up (like scoring an own goal or getting players sent off or something... both of which just happened so... :))

The commentators invited an ex-Italy player to comment on the US / Italy team... I'm sure he's in Guantanamo by now because he said that US would go down 3-0 and have no chance. He was even surprised that the commentators thought that they had a chance. Those guys didn't like that at all... if you are not with us you are against us principle. I think these commentators have grown up hearing from their teachers and the TV that USA is the greatest nation in the world and good at everything and just can't handle the truth even when it is very obvious. Well at least they couldn't call the Italian guy a traitor but if it had been a US citizen saying that they would have gotten their name smeared as a traitor all over the place :)

Well the game looks good... 1-1 and 10 players each... hope the US wins

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Rajesh Warrier said...

@Mosilager - I hear you bro. The level of commentary is pathetic. I happened to see both the matches and I felt like I was watching USA play, even though Ghana and Czec were competing against each other.

The comparison with Baseball and NBA is just nuts and they even compare players !!

I hope US doesnt make it to the second round. Atleast wont hear US this US that. Oh! but then we will learn more about the politics and relations between Iran and other nations.

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