14 June 2006

Race and the world cup

OK it might be my imagination and I only watched 20 minutes of it but it seemed that whenever an Argentinian took a dive (and they went down often) anyone wearing the Ivory Coast colours who happened to be close by got yellow-carded and a free kick went to the Argentinian. I also saw fouls committed by the Argentinians on the Ivory Coast-ians that went unacknowledged or unpunished. What the hell! I heard similar things about the Italy-Ghana game. Now I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but whatever I watched looked highly suspicious. Maybe it's my jaundiced eyes...

Luckily GreatKalu is on the board that watches each match and decides the player of the match and also what they can do to improve future games and so on and hopefully he'll be able to sort out any such concerns that anyone else has. More about this here.

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lova said...

the Italian and Argentinians are just better at faking that their legs just got shattered in pieces everytime the wind blows.... I am not bitter at all :(. That or they want to keep the ladies watching the WC. Apparently, their tight shirts is a draw.