30 June 2006

morbid thought of the day

We will never have peace in the world. Never. Ever. Unless each of us has a whole planet to ourselves. Even then we'll make spaceships to try to take over our neighbours' planets. The reason is that our desires will always be greater than the world's capability to supply them. There will always be somebody else who wants the same thing and will break laws, conventions to get it. Religion, laws, constitutions try to curb our potential to act to fulfill our desires in exchange for having them fulfilled after the end of our lives. Although it should be decency and not laws and fear of punishment or hope of reward that curbs our actions. At the end of the day all we can hope for is that the gun does not point in our direction, or even if it does, we are superman and the bullets will bounce off. Personally I prefer that we be Neo and dodge the bullets or make like the X-man Nightcrawler and teleport to another location.
What set this off? This article (but only click on it if you have a strong constitution - graphic images, description of mind-bending torture et al. for no other reason than being on the wrong side of the gun).


Sreekumar said...

After reading that story, one certainly feels sad. Makes you count the small blessings you have.

Rajesh Warrier said...

Just goes on to show how bad it can get, pretty bad indeed.

Rohini said...

What is really shocking that seemingly average people buy into these wars and perpertrate all sorts of horrors in the name of the cause. The average German soldier was willing to do completeley inhuman things to Jews, the jehadis are willing to destroy their own lives with those of other innocent victims, Hindus/Muslims kill their neighbours who never did them any harm because of some far away incident that should have no impact on their lives...the list is endless. That's why it will never end. That the jingoistic leader is able to find support and number amongst the average man.