08 June 2006

If religions were operating systems...

If religions were operating systems...

Hinduism - Linux - lots of flavours, pick and choose what you want or build from scratch.
Sikhism - MacOS (built on linux, followed by 3% of India)
Buddhism - Ubuntu (linux, popular, I like it a lot)

Judaism - DOS
Christianity - Windows 98
Islam - Windows 2000 (multiple users)
Rastafari - Windows ME (not as popular)

Atheism - firmware - what you're born with
Agnosticism - Playstation

OK OK it was funnier in my head but the cow was already taken so I couldn't quite write about that now, could I?


video said...

Where does Buddhism come in?

Mosilager said...

it's also a flavour of linux... Ubuntu... maybe I should put that in :) thanks for pointing it out

Mansoora said...

haha..very funny :)