16 June 2006

How to get India to like football

India... 1.1 billion people... a sixth of the world by most accounts... ranked 117th in the world in football. This is because most Indians don't play football... don't like it as much as cricket or say, chess. So, to attract this huge population of people to football, I'm proposing some changes in the way the game is played.

1. A game of football will last 5 days from now on, with breaks for lunch and tea and sleeping.
2. A designated player will shoot the ball at the goalkeeper. The other players have to stand around and watch.
3. If the ball deflects off the goalkeeper the other players can get in the game.
a. depending on how far the ball goes it's either 1-6 points
b. if someone catches the ball without it bouncing a new member from the team becomes the goalkeeper
4. If the ball goes into the goal another member of the team comes in
5. when all members of the team have been goalkeeper, the teams switch
6. whoever scores the most goals wins.

This is a true test of endurance, skills and football... maybe it should get a new name - how about the s-word... soccer?


Praveen said...

With 1.1 billion people , only reservation in sports can get us to worldcup

4-3-3 formula
4 forwards from FC
3 midfiedls from BC
3 defenders from OBC
1 goal keeper from SC/ST

With all these shit "caste politics", am sure india will come back from china(next olympics) with empty hand ...

Mosilager said...

i'm sure soon that's going to happen unless the non FC/BC/OBC/SC/ST get their act together and show that they also have the power to vote somebody out.
The other option is that all the nons can have themselves declared one of the categories by a little bribery and corruption... for Rs. 200-500 Atal, Arjun etc. were declared OBC's and can apply for full benefits, according to this article.
I think thought that there should be some form of assistance for people based on their family income level to bring everyone up from absolute poverty. I also think that the current reservation system is not too good as it allows people who learn only 20-50% of the material to get preference for jobs. I like the USA affirmative action system better, where a candidate whose ancestors were historically opressed will get preference over another candidate, even if their qualifications are a little poorer. (Not a lot poorer, mind). Well as an NRI I've avoided posting on the issue before, as I don't know all the nuances of it. Sid has a great post about the same issue here.