20 June 2006

Egypt vs. Israel on Thursday

So... Ghana plays USA on Thursday. For those of us unfortunate enough to be following the US commentators, we are reminded of this at least every 5 minutes by the commentators themselves and also by a box on the corner of the screen that has no respect for where the players / football are/is.

Egypt, as an African nation, was supporting the Ghanaian progress towards the finals of the world cup (well at least the second round)... until John Paintsil of Ghana pulled out an Israeli flag and started waving it about to celebrate his goal. To the Egyptians this act seemed a political one, with Ghana taking the side of Israel vs. the Palestinians. John P. was just supporting his club's fans from Tel Aviv who had come to watch him play. So Egypt as a nation has withdrawn their support for Ghana and I'm sure that they will be wishing for the USA to beat Ghana on Thursday. The Israelis on the other hand, even non-Tel Avivians, have promised to support Ghana whole-heartedly.

Well, I guess it's better that Egypt and Israel sort out their differences on the football field rather than on the battlefield... but I never thought it would be through proxies :) Although with the amount that USA pays Egypt to stay out of Israel, Egyptians should be thanking them every day.

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lova said...

apparently some officials from Israel were touched by the gesture and are urging all Israeli to root for Ghana. Well now they are through after beating the US so I guess US lost against Ghana but beat Egypt :) That will make sense at some point today :.