02 May 2006

What do you write?

My name in different languages:

Egyptian heiroglyphics (Misri)

Babylonian cuneiform




Malayalam 2 - is this better? The only problem is that the character "in" is actually the number "9" in malayalam.

Malayalam 3 - or maybe you meant this:

Oh I see... I had an old version of the program... thanks to vishwaprabha for bringing some light into my world... watch this mallu experts:


Joyce Jose said...

Good job warrier. But I wonder why do they have the worm thingie in all the names in hieroglyphs? It may be because you and I have a J in common!!!

Mosilager said...

Thanks Jose... each character is a letter in heiroglyphics... so the worm / snake is J. They did not usually write vowels in, so I translated my name as rnjt. (Or I thought this one looked better than the ones with vowels in)

Mayuri said...

Jose is really prompt with her comments nowadays. And deadly comments too. And I can almost hear her say it, as I read the comment. Especially the 'warrier' is totally Jose. But when I read it, it sounds more like 'Waaeerrier'.
Good job Jose.

archana said...

Just hopped in to say hello. Do you really believe that your name is spelled that way in Malayalam?
Happy blogging

Mosilager said...

i think i'm in jose's good books these days... but she has been deadly with the comments. she's finally putting her foot down to control the 'boys' in lab. Hopefully she will be inspired to come up with some deadly posts as well.

നന്ദി ഇവിടെ വന്നതിന്. ഞാന് മലയാളം എഴുതാനും വായിക്കാനും തന്നെയാണ് പടിച്ചത്. അതുകൊ്ണ്ണട് spelling ഒരു ഊഹം വെചിട്ടാണ്. എങനെയാണ്ണ് ശെരിക്ക് എഴുതുന്നത് എന്ന് പറഞാല് ഭയംകര നന്ദി.
ok i'll translate for everyone else -
Thanks for stopping by. I learnt malayalam reading/writing on my own so my spelling is all over the place. I'd be very grateful if you can tell me how to spell my name correctly! Thanks.

Joyce Jose said...

I hear my name here and there, hopefully archana doesn't know the story behind Jose..
I am so glad that archana stopped by... and we have company
and to tell you the truth ranjit says his last name as wazhior
something like jose becoming hose
Where is that guy Ranjan who started the whole crap?

Rajesh Warrier said...

The one in Hindi looks odd. Doesn't look like "half N" ... :)

Mosilager said...

That's how the unicode guys decided to encode it unfortunately... probably that's the same problem with the malayalam "in" in writing vs. the implementation in unicode that Archana was talking about (at least that's what I think she was talking about). Hey - you're the programmer type, you probably know much more about it than I do... actually...
ര൯ജിത്... there we go... they implemented old malayalam numbers as well, one of which looks like "in". I forgot about that!

Mayuri said...

Hey Raanjee, you should post more often. you have to give us poor souls more stuff to read and write about between incubations and trips to P3. Write about anything. Forget about kality for now, we like buffet!!!

joyceanoop said...

How about genomic to subgenomic ratio of sindbis and the influence of capsid mutations so that it goes in the wrong way with subgenomic rna?

Rajesh Warrier said...

Yeah, I thought so. But they'll get it right ... eventually

Mosilager said...

I think the blog was down for a while earlier, even I couldn't comment :)

Mayuri this is why women have a totally different psychology. I go for the buffet and you complain, I go for kality and you still complain... probably have to bring out the flowers and chocolate for the complaints to stop.

viswaprabha വിശ്വപ്രഭ said...

രഞ്ജിത്, (Ranjith),

You are cordially invited to start blogging in Malayalam!

If you are inclined, it is not that difficult at all! And do not be worried at all about your skills or lack thereof in Malayalam language!

There is an army of people to help you out in configuration of Malayalam fonts, liguistic errors and corrections, spelling etc.

You will also find a huge number of fresh visitors in your blog as we have a mechanism to circulate all posts and comments among the members!

Please add me to your Yahoo or MSN messenger list for more details.
( viswaprabha@ yahoo.com or hotmail.com )


CruiserDeep said...

Good job, where did u get the hierographic translation?(or is glyphics or both, I have read them as 'graph' in Egyptian Airs inflight magz)

Mosilager said...

thanks deeperunderground, I just did a google search for your name heiroglyphics and it came up with this site.
It's quite an interesting script, they used pictures but it is phonetic and they did not write vowels usually.