01 May 2006

Sushi hates me

The past few times when I have tried sushi, I've managed to be the last person served at the table. It got pretty bad, most people had finished by the time my stuff came around. No tip that time... although it was probably the chef's fault, not the waitresses. I'm sure the chefs involved do not have a personal quarrel with me, so all I can do is blame the sushi. That's the ultimate in human nature - blame the fish for not wanting to be eaten. Anyways today I tried my hand with the sushi again and imagine my surprise and excitement when the first plate to come out landed where I was sitting! Oh joy, I have broken the jinx.

So I removed all the wasabi and made a potent mixture of that and the soy sauce and was just about to dig in when my newly built house of cards came tumbling down. Well, as the world turns, and so on, it turned out that the chef, influenced by the sushi, had made a mistake and it was actually somebody else's food that was in front of me. My neighbour's, to be precise, so it was again I who was last served. This time only one person's stuff was about half gone by the time I got mine, and the food itself was good so I didn't mind so much.


Anonymous said...

So Sad warrier!!!

Mosilager said...

ഹൊസെ, അത്രെയുമെ പറയാന് ഉള്ളോ? നമ്മുടെ നാല് തരത്തിലേ ഭാര്യക്കളില് ഏതാണ് ഹൊസേ?