29 May 2006

MacGyver 2008

MacGyver for President

MacGyver was a TV show where the lead character would get out of life-threatening situations by using household items that the bad guys had conveniently locked him up with - paper clips and the like. It was so popular that even the Zambia National Broadcasting Company (ZNBC) paid to show it. I bet gun-sellers hated this guy because he was anti-gun. Anyway there's a spoof campaign to elect MacGyver to the US presidency in 2008 so if you can vote for him please do so... he promises swiss army knives for every child :) and probably will throw in duck tape too. Here's his very funny mastercard advertisement:


video said...

MacGyver was ultra popular in UAE and Kuwait too! There's a joke in our lab that Daniel Suter is the next McGyver because he's always using his Swiss Army knife. :-)

Mansoora said...

wow! Never knew MacGyver was running for presidency :) I'll surely vote for him! After all I did come from the state which elected Jesse Ventura as our Governor ;)

nice video!!