14 May 2006




Mayuri said...

OK..you were at Jose"s place ...again!!! I could tell from the snap. And this time besides the food, you also got to meet Niranjan!!! That is it Raanjeee...this is THE END...absolutely...After the committee meeting...I will be there more often than you..thats the resolution.

Mosilager said...

ok mayuri, the मिया-बीवी competition is on... I got some animals on my side for the affections of Niranjan so I'm ahead right now.

Joyce Jose said...

Let there be peace first. I am still being hit by him when he finds anoop is missing.

Mayuri said...

Hey Jose,
I guess thats a small sweet price that you have to pay considering you had been missing even before he knew that he could hit someone else when he was missing his Mom.
So enjoy the joys and pains of motherhood, since it was a long wait, almost 2 years.
I hope you are having fun.
Bong is taking over your bench here, but we will try to keep him in check.

Joyce Jose said...

probably I should send a threatening email to bong. Tell him that i will be back soon and if he takes over my bench he is going to have a nice time when I come back!!!
Niranjan is not feeling well today I think he has fever
have fun guys