27 May 2006

India Uncut and the invisibility cloak

A question posted on India Uncut... what would I do with an invisibility cloak?
I'm sure if I got an invisibility cloak, our dog BooBoo will steal it and use it to evade us and go outside to chase rabbits and squirrels. He would also visit the local grocery store and steal cheese-sticks. Then he and his adopted brother Ginga would play tug of war with the cloak and then BooBoo would try to have inappropriate relations with it, like he does with his current blanket.


Rohini said...

Inappropriate relations ha ha!

Buddy used to do that with a giant frog soft toy. Picture that!

Mosilager said...

As long as the giant frog turned into a princess... probably that's what Buddy was thinking. I have no idea what BooBoo is thinking with his blanket.