12 May 2006

I hate nutjobs who decide what I should watch or read

Ok what is it with these insane people who want to decide what other people should hear or watch? I'm getting extremely angry with these people who show up en masse saying that some book or movie or newspaper should be banned because it hurts their feelings. There were these idiots who decided that nobody could watch a movie that depicted the bad life that widows in 1920s India had to face. These women were shunned from society for no good reason other than their husbands passed away. It was even worse in the case of child marriages, as you can probably imagine. Anyway these idiots decided to break up the shooting of the movie because it would offend them to know what their ancestors were up to back in the day. I say let it be known so that it never happens again, but these protestors have taken leave of their senses.

More protests this week about the Da Vinci Code. Apparently some people think that the movie should not be shown and came out in protest. They say it insults their supreme leader and their feelings so nobody else can watch it. Great... that's just what we need, just like back in the day when these people's ancestors were protesting facts such as the Earth is a sphere or that the Sun is the centre of the solar system... and killing scientists over it.

Do these people think that their faith is that weak that a movie will shake it? Or do they think that their supreme being is that weak that he or she can't stand some criticism? Obviously if these protestors believe in some superman that they cannot experience with any of their senses, they have faith. If that is true faith, then it should not be shaken by what somebody else says. If these people really believe that something written thousands of years ago is true without any evidence then they have certainly put aside rational thought (for that particular point). What I don't like is when they try to teach other people to do the same, especially when that other person is me (or should it be I?)


Mayuri said...

I know...'Water' was supposed to star Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das, and was being shot in Varanasi, when the so called protectors of Indian culture disrupted the shooting. They had to re-do the cast, and shoot the movie in Sri Lanka, and I don't think they will release the movie in India. Imagine, a movie about India, shot in another country and shown to everyone but Indians in theri own country.
I personally want to watch it because I have heard do much about the widows in varanasi and their plight from people in my hometown, but the fact that it has Lisa Ray and John Abraham, somehow deters me from doing so.

lova said...

Amen to that, Brother :-) !

lova said...

off topic but I am sure it's of interest for you: How ot is hot ? I am talking about ...spices.... of course

Mosilager said...

I thought John Abraham was good looking... well shows you how much I know about it. I used to have a Lisa Ray poster in my room until I finished school... back in the day when she was a model... it is a shame about water though.

lova - I thought you were talking about Nandita Das.

Rohini said...

John Abraham IS good looking but he can't act to save his life. His movie 'Garam Masala' was the first movie I saw in the 6 months after my son was born and even poor, movie-deprived me walked out halfway through.

Lisa Ray too is great eye candy and should limit her career to posters (and print ads)