09 May 2006

Dolphin call

Dolphins play name game - Underwater whistles give bottlenoses their own moniker.: "Dolphins play name game"

This is pretty awesome... dolphins in the wild have whistle names for each other... now the speculation is if they talk behind each other's backs :) good stuff.

According to Lova, Malagasies also have whistles in their language, sometimes we're not sure if he's calling us or the dogs...


lova said...

It's all in the tone RJ ! The meaning of the malagasy whistle is not very proper :) I would not use it on you guys or the doggies :).

Mosilager said...

cool sounds like a good audioblog - the art of the 'gasy whistle... we could compare and contrast to the dolphin whistles and come up with an evolutionary hypothesis and study (=swim with) dolphins in madagascar... how's that?

video said...

Hmmm... Do you think they could be talking about taking over the world and taking revenge on us for polluting their waters???

Mosilager said...

Actually dolphins are too smart to take over the world, they've left those problems to us. But if we mess up the earth too much then they will use their own means to escape to a healthier planet... all of the dolphins... and we will be left with a greyish waterbowl that says "So long... and thanks for all the fish."

Of course, the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy could be wrong, and then you can have me committed for to much insanity.

video said...

Monkeys are doing it too now... The talking I mean.
Remember planet of the apes?
Tell me there's not a plan to take over the world now?

Mosilager said...

pretty cool! but apparently they can't go beyond a couple of sounds together.

They can have the planet once we're safely on another one.