29 April 2006

What type of wife are you?

Here's a survey made by Lowe that categorizes urban wives in India into:

Mrs. ‘Hasmukh’ Popular (27 per cent),
Mrs. ‘Meri Awaaz Suno’ (Hear my cry) Attention Seeker (31 per cent),
Mrs. ‘Gharelu’ (Homely) Homepride (18 per cent),
Mrs. ‘Pataka’ (Firecracker) Cool (12 per cent) and
Mrs. ‘Hey Bhagwan’ (Oh God...) Moaner (12 per cent)

Now they should have one for husbands too...
Mr. Not now dear, Tendlya's batting (Sports guy)
Mr. Right away, ma'am (Petticoat government)
Mr. Meri pant kahaan hai (Where are my pants?) - confused
Mr. Kya surat hai (She looks hot) - flirt

Seriously, I'll eat my hat if companies are able to increase sales based on advertising using those categories. Luckily for me, I don't have a hat so it doesn't matter if I win or lose this one. I used to have a hat, a beret which I really liked but I lost it. Can't find it anywhere, can't get another one like it because I've never seen one again :( maybe I'll scan in a photo and put it on to remind me.


Siddhu said...

May i blogroll ya?

Mosilager said...

Sure no problem, go ahead! I've had your one on for a while... without asking permission, so may I blogroll you?

ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

If you go with the mallu poet, wife is like the moon which plants love near the front door (poomukha vathilkkal....) and there are well defined comparisons from Sanskrit adopted, karyeshu manthri karaneshu dasi kshamaya dharitri and shayaneshu vesya
(trnslation: she is efficient like a minister, as a maid in service, patient like the earth and in bed she is like a--- I don’t want to say it). Any way in the famous song the poet did not use the shayane line instead used -roopathil lakshmi- means in appearance she is like the goddess of wealth.
I would say all these are non-existent. And I don’t agree with any of these concepts. Men wanted their wives to be like at least one of these. I wonder why no poetess came up with their fantasies about a husband!!! May be there are. Or we should write one
What do you say warrier?

Mosilager said...

good one Jose... as far as women's requirements for husbands, I will point out my profile picture to you :) however I think you guys will point that out to your friends as the most undesirable husband! I do have the Ginga as a selling point though - the oh so cute factor.